Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tom Cruise Oblivion movie review

The latest Scientology movie is out...errr Tom Cruise movie. As I stated in the last review that the trailers can make anything look good. I bet if they made a movie about cutting grass they could still edit it to make people pay to see it. Well I have to admit that the trailer absolutely got me. There are a few Tom Cruise movies that I enjoy so its not like it was hard to convince me.

The story is as old as time. Aliens are invading the Earth, and there is a massive war to fight them off. Wait.. I think Ive seen this movie before? Truth is no you haven't. While the basic story has been rehashed a million times over, this one is different. There are twists and turn all over the place, enough to keep you guessing. I guess you could say same story different angle.

While Tom Cruise isn't spectacular in the movie, he doesn't ruin it either. I guess it's still better than having someone like Ben Affleck being the lead character. Morgan Freeman isn't a lead character in the movie, and isn't in it long enough to go see the movie just for him.  I personally found the rest of the acting in the movie to be so-so. Lets just say there won't be any academy awards in this movies future.

Despite everything I would recommend Oblivion if you are a huge Tom Cruise fan or Aliens killing everyone movie fan. Other than that there are probably other movies that are better worth your dollar. I do think the movie posters are cool though.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evil Dead: A Piss Your Pants Review

I was first time I saw the original Evil Dead I was still a teenager. It was the first time I had ever heard of the necronomicon, and seen anything like that kind of possession in a movie. Lets just say after seeing it, it made me not want to go into the woods anytime soon. It obviously had the same effect on thousands as that movie and the others that followed it became cult classics in the American Horror genre.

So imagine my uneasiness when I first saw the trailer for the Evil Dead 2013 movie. Now I will admit that the trailer looked pretty good, but you can say that for most movies, even Will Ferrell movies. The only thing I think of is how virtually every series is ruined by the remakes. Consider Conan, Total Recall, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Omen to name a few. Plus I see no Bruce Campbell? Blasphemy I say! But then I ask, will they copy the movie exactly, or do something new just with the same theme?

Now first off, this movie is not for the squeamish. Also not the movie to go see if your trying to get laid on a date (usually). Beyond that, I can say that this remake of Evil Dead is not the same Evil Dead you saw originally. Its better! It even makes it better knowing that Bruce was involved int the making, and that there are more to come! If you can't tell by now I was very impressed by the movie. It keeps the over the top blood and violence, even pays tribute in small ways.

If you are an Evil Dead fan, a Bruce Campbell fan, or horror fan you need to see this movie. Even if it left me wanting to hear the phrase "Shop Smart, Shop S-mart!" and its not exactly the same without Bruce. The story works in different ways to achieve the same goal, which is to scare the piss out of you. It stays in the serious horror genre unlike the second and third installments of the series (although I love Army of Darkness- much to the dislike of my wife). Lets just hope they hit it out of the cabin (or ballpark) on the next one as well!

Long Live the King!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haunted Toast?

When it comes to ghost hunting, most people are looking for some kind of evidence to validate and show their friends. Groups of Paranormal Investigators post images they've taken online to show the world in effort to give some kind of credibility and fame. You see on TV and in books pictures that are taken that are ghosts or spirits.

I have investigated with people that love to show off their ghost photos. They take random everyday pictures and blow them up and point out what theyre referring to. They show me a fuzzy part in the picture and say "Can't you see the eyes, nose, and mouth here?" Its seems like every photo they take has something in it like spirits are following them around everywhere they go. Sorry, I don't think the picture you took in the toilet has a spirit in it. I don't they want to see that. Umm... No . I can't see anything because theres nothing there.

If you want to see something in your pictures, or your towel, toast, etc then you'll see it. Im talking about the photos you see on TV and online with arrows pointing to the body parts of an apparition. Is there truly a spirits there? Sorry if I can't see it without the help of your arrows and blowing up the picture to form faces out of the dark, then I don't assume to think anything is there.

This phenomena is what we call 'Matrixing' or what is really known as Pareidolia. Pareidolia is an imagined perception of a pattern where it does not exist. 

Take the stories of people finding Jesus in their toast, or chairs. They are making something out of nothing. Their minds see a pattern and make pictures out of them. I too have done this when I was tired driving. I made a face out of the tail lights of the car in front of me. All Im trying to say is the mind can make patterns out of anything. Not to offend anyone, but do you think Jesus wants to hang out on your toast? Or your pan?

Again, this is why skeptics and non believers don't give us much respect. "All that fancy equipment and all you can capture is a fuzzy picture with a "ghost" so hard to see you have to edit arrows on him to point him out? Uh Huh." I try to remain open about everything but even I can't defend these kinds of pictures.

Not to pick on this picture but it is the perfect example. Someone blew up the picture and in order to point out the apparition they had to circle it. Was there really something there? I can't say obviously I wasn't there. In my opinion though there most likely wasn't anything there, as the person who "discovered" this was absolutely looking for a ghost and wanted to see one so much that their mind created this image. Did they debunk the tile not being stained like that? Granted since its pointed out I can say "Oh yeah. I see it". But if you gave me the actual photograph would I see it? Probably not.

Until next time, Ill keep on the look out for my haunted piece of toast.

Definition taken from

Monday, April 15, 2013

Evil or Angel?

 As a skeptical paranormal investigator, my mind automatically errors to the side of science and reason. As a child, I studied the Bible, went to church and Sunday school. As time went on, to quote Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons "Faith is a blessing I have yet to receive." Not to say I straight out don't believe God doesn't exist, I like to believe I am an open book yet to be written. Meaning I leave the possibility of all things spiritual to be true. In fact, I would love for everything Ive read to be true. This includes the subject of this post today, Demons.

On that note, this is in response to an article written on The question was raised that I find absolutely necessary for all people who believe in Demons to read and maybe just contemplate if nothing else. Here is the link to the article:

In the article the author is asking the age old question, is there true evil? Demons may do what you consider evil by scratching and possessing people, but are those  necessarily evil deeds to everyone? I liken this to One Mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter. I like the example on cannibalism in which I would consider that evil, but there are societies around the world that consider that a way of life. Does that make them evil? Obviously this depends on your moral compass but I know that I would not like to be eaten! (well I guess it depends on who's eating)

Since there is in fact no scientific evidence of demons, if they exist a thought I have is they may feed off of your stereo types. So in your head you're thinking that its something evil, and things are going to be thrown, etc so that's what it acts like. I wonder in fact that TV or stories of evil entities have influenced us so much that that's what we get. Have we then in fact created demons ourselves?

If we believe in the saying of One mans freedom fighter, is another mans Terrorist, could we make the argument that evil as a whole does not truly exist? Evil would actually have to be in the eye of the beholder kind of like beauty. As far as I know evil beings don't actually think they're evil, they think they are doing some good for someone or something somewhere. The we get into the same argument: To you that being may be evil, but to the people that support that being it is a hero.

I would not go as far as to call demonologists  all frauds. If we have created these beings and made them evil by them praying off our fears, then they in turn would be real. Demonologists would only be frauds if demons were found someday to not be real. Since I don't see that happening anytime soon, I think they're safe.

Now one last question before I go. If we can create evil entities by our thoughts and prejudices, if we learn to dispose of what we are pre-programmed with can we create demons that are loving?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Deep South Paranormal: An Unfortunate Review

I managed to catch the first episode of Deep South Paranormal on the SYFY Network. This new Ghost Hunter show takes place down in the south (duh hence the name) and plays up the Louisiana angle.

I usually get excited when a new show comes out, kinda hoping something different will be brought to life. Im the kind of person that is really interested in three things: Helping people, showing "true" ghost hunting and working towards getting scientific evidence of the hereafter. Now regardless of the reputation, y favorites include Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures. I can say at least Paranormal State tried to help people. They brought in people to help treat the family, and tried to get at the root cause of the problem. Ghost Adventures kind of shows the behind the scenes goofiness and some new technology that gets introduced into the field.

Unfortunately within about 15 minutes I was ready to change the channel. Literally. This is the same show as Ghost Hunters, GHI, Haunted Collector or (Insert show name here). The only thing that seems to be any different is the Louisiana connection. The annoying thing was the playing up of small occurrences to try to make the show scarier, like hearing noises in the ceiling and seeing hanging boards swinging (its a ghost!). One thing that I do not appreciate very much is the provoking unnecessarily. I have used this technique in the past and gotten very unwanted results, including being growled at, touched, and having things thrown. The show makes this out to be something that anyone should do to get a rise out of a "spirit". This can be dangerous and not to be attempted by anyone but a seasoned investigator.

Again they perpetuate the myth of tv ghost hunting by using k2 hits exclusively as evidence to the proof of the  paranormal. Im sorry but there was a scene where a investigator was on a cutting machine and he was using a thermal camera and he caught a glimpse of something and instead of trying to debunk it at all he over-reacted and called for backup. At this point I dont think I could keep my eyes from rolling.

I did however manage to make it through the entire episode, only to be further disappointed by the clips for next weeks show. Again, they're showing them being chased out of a building for the sake of ratings. Would I recommend this show and watch it again? The answer is an obvious NOPE. I have much better things I can be doing...Like watching paint dry.

*This show has been canceled. I'm guessing I wasn't the only one who didn't care for the show

Spirits Contained In Orbs

The seemingly single biggest controversy in paranormal investigating is whether orbs in photos are spirits.Some investigators believe that 90% of orbs are paranormal!

Orbs are believed to be the energy form of spirits. Some seem to have the perception of free movement, some have comet-like tails, differ in size, and have different colors. No seems to know where this started, but the lore has cemented itself in the paranormal community.

Now due to the extremely affordable price of a point and shoot digital cameras, most people use these on investigations. Usually, investigators would have no issues with these being used. Usually. When someone sends a seasoned investigator a photo of orbs or tries to display photos with orbs as evidence the first thing that is asked is "What Kind of camera was this taken with?"   Well because of the layout and size of the camera, point and shoot cameras tend to have a lot more orbs than say, an SLR. On a point and shoot, the flash source is no more than a few degrees away from the axis of the camera lens. This causes the object to be brightly light but way out of focus, resulting in a semi-transparent whitish circle. If the flash or another light source is significantly off of the axis of the lens, you won't get nearly as much light reflected right straight back to the camera. If the object is within the depth of field, it will be in focus and very small, and probably not noticeable. If the object is not very close to the camera, again it won't pick up enough light from the flash. It also has to do with the quality of the optics in the camera. Take a picture side by side with a point and shoot and an SLR camera. The difference is astounding.

Regardless of the source, orbs should always try to be debunked first and not just taken as paranormal. Remember there is no real evidence that orbs are spirits or ghosts, so as paranormal investigators, it is our duty to the field to do our best to find the truth. Now I'm not saying that everything a point and shoot captures are dust or moisture in the air. Not at all. Not everything in this world is explainable.

Now most people do accept this when they hear about it, but again there are those that just get angry and defensive. I have been told by individuals that they believe 90% of orbs captured to be paranormal even after all the evidence to the contrary! Well, its not scientific fact either way so I leave it at that. I can't prove that orbs are not spirits, and they cant prove they So let's agree to disagree.

Now investigators can hear everyone saying "But there's a face in mine!" The answer is usually simple. Pareidolia. Simply put, matrixing. More details in a follow-up post.

Orb colors

Where and why people associate the typical emotional colors with orbs is unknown. By now everyone has seen a mood ring, as it seems to explain why there are different colors with orbs they've just copied that list of colors and their means and used on orbs. Maybe they even took it from Pagan religions who burn colored candles.

Here is the list of colors and their meanings:

  • Black: Malevolent
  • Blue (dark): Shy spirit
  • Blue (light): Tranquil, Peace
  • Blue (medium): Protection
  • Brown: Danger or earthbound
  • Gold: Angelic, unconditional love
  • Green: Healing Orb or spirit
  • Lavender: Messenger from God
  • Orange: Protection, forgiveness
  • Peach: Spirit sent to comfort you
  • Pink: Accepting spirit
  • Purple: Orb of information
  • Red: Anger or passion
  • Silver: Messenger
  • Violet: Guide for spiritual matters
  • White: Protection of holy light and power
  • Yellow: Warning 

There are going to be varying degrees of color charts depending on where you look. Seems like not everyone can appear to agree on what each color means. There are those who think that using a color chart like this to explain orbs is an accepted practice within the paranormal community. If this is true, no wonder a lot of people think were quacks for doing this. 

Ever wonder if the orbs, in fact, a giant mood ring?.Changing colors on moods? Could they possibly be mad we took the idea of mood rings and their color schemes from them? Maybe they are just mad or sad because they can't listen to the Cure anymore? Granted if this were the case most of us would be mad if someone was playing the Cure. Maybe country music then?  At that point are we opening, even more, doors asking if they have ears? Can they truly hear the country music playing? Could they be offended by the clothes we wear when we investigate? Wearing those horrible group T-shirts most could understand.

If investigators, hobbyists, or professional can band together long enough to establish what is acceptable evidence, we can go along way to making this field legit.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Misunderstood Religions, Religious Symbols II (Buddhism, Karma, Swastika)

Buddhism: To those that are not really all that familiar it is thought to be a polytheistic religion. Which is the worship of many gods over a monistic religion. The truth is it is a non-theist or nonreligious since there are no gods. More than anything it is a system of thought and moral codes. Many use this as a guide to living rather than a system to worship gods.

There are those definitions however that would include Buddhism as a religion simply on the fact that today people have changed it to resemble one to fit what they have been taught their entire lives, that there should be a god. It is believed that the first westerners who tried to write about Buddhism objectively ended confusing it with Hinduism or combined it with their own beliefs.

Venerable Master Chin Kung of the Buddhist Educational College in Singapore describes four different types of Buddhism, of which one is:
"... religious Buddhism. Originally, Buddhism was not a religion, but now it has become one. We can no longer deny that there is a 'Buddhist religion' because everywhere we look, Buddhism is displayed as a religion. Unlike the monasteries in the past which held eight-hour classes per day and provided another eight hours for self-cultivation, today's Buddhist 'temples' no longer uphold such a perseverance of the Buddha's Teachings. Today we mainly see people offering to the Buddha statues and praying for blessings and fortune. In this way, Buddhism has been wrongly changed into a religion."
Buddha did not teach about Reincarnation or rebirth. He was a Rationalist and these teachings were added later to his teachings. In a New Age way, some people do not take the  reincarnation literally, more in the context that committing the same mistakes over and over again causes you to be constantly caught in samsara or rebirth. It is overcoming the pollution of the mind and society that you free yourself from the same never ending problems and find happiness.

The Dalai Lama is considered by most people to be the head of Buddhism. This is untrue. The Dalai Lama is the spiritual and political leader of the people in Tibet. The Dalai Lama in order to thwart China which is trying to take Tibet back has given up his political leadership to others, so I'm unsure to his political power these days. China was trying to line up the next Dalai Lama to in their pocket, so he could, in turn, give Tibet back to China. Buddhism has many different sects with different beliefs and does not all honor him as their leader.

We all have seen the statues. I am sad to admit I own some of these statues. The Buddha is not a laughing fat guy. On the contrary, Buddhists usually associate this is greed and excess which is the exact opposite of what it teaches. There are sects that starve themselves to bring them closer to obtaining "Enlightenment", but there are none that over eat or worship it. It is believed that the depiction of the Laughing Buddha was welded together from the Chinese Monk Che’tz and the bodhisattva Maitreya. Che'tz (Big Bag Monk) was a widely loved monk who was obese and was known for carrying a big of 'knickknacks' over his shoulder. Maitreya whose name means 'The Loveable One' later came to be associated with Che'tz and was drawn to look like him. Eventually, the welding of the two became the symbol of prosperity and good luck. One could take these obese statues as the ability to be obese and still be happy with life, with yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, Buddhists are allowed to desire things and own possessions. It is simply taught that these desires can lead to misery. His point was to bring to light the relationship between desire and suffering. It is not even necessarily literal suffering but the suffering of the mind. The sadness of losing your prized possession, girlfriend, etc. It is in overcoming our attachment to these things that we can become free. Each person can take this differently, hence the misconception.

Karma:  Karma means "action" or "deed". Many people believe this is an eye for an eye concept. That if you do something to someone then it will come back at you. "oh she has bad luck, bad Karma." This is simply not so. Karma is not some kind of cosmic retribution system. This thought probably comes from the modern religious beliefs, and with the new wave of the New Age religious revival has been changed to suit the western concept. Karma has to do with a moment conditioning future moments, basically the interdependent chain of cause and effect. This includes not only actions but thoughts and words. Karma is your own doing, yours to control. Just as you may be mad one day, you may lash out or may not treat others as well as you should. That in turn, could affect other people around you and ruin their day, or they may turn and do the same to the family or friends.

It is hate, delusion and desire that create Karma. If you have good vibes and are happy then, in turn, you will influence others the same way. This ties into the rebirth section, as those who don't have 'bad Karma' become liberated and do not fall into the same hell on earth we tend to create for ourselves and are liberated from rebirth.

Symbol:  The Swastika  

I touched on this briefly in my first blog entry on misconceptions. I feel the need to elaborate a little further as I feel this symbol is the most misunderstood symbol due to the way it was represented in WWII.

The word Swastika actually comes from the word Svastika, which means lucky or auspicious object. Simply meaning it is written on people or property to signify good luck. The shape is a monogram formed by interlacing the letters of the words Su-asti- which  is written in Brahmi.

The Tibetan Swastika which is anti-clockwise originated from India and represents a graphic representation of eternity.
It was also found in civilizations like the Navajo, representing a legend that was used in healing rituals. The Nazis had to ruin everything as when the Navajos found out about the Nazis use of the symbol, they discontinued its use.
In China, it was used as an alternative symbol of the sun.
Japan. It was used in the coat of arms of many clans.
Europe. It has been found in many ancient cultures for a variety of different reasons.

I will not go into the reasons the Nazis chose to use it, but please feel free to do some more research.


Roy Weedmark is the owner of Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.

and other books in my collection. Feel free to message me if you have questions!

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Domination of the Lizard People?

I have to admit it, this is an article topic I never in my life thought I would be writing about. It seems I can't go to any paranormal website anymore without having to hear or read some new story a secret Lizard race?
Just the other day I was looking around on a paranormal site I frequent and came across a video claiming to be of a secret service agent for Obama that was secretly a lizard humanoid.
Here is the link to the video:
OK. Really? This is shot in the digital zoom range of the camera so it becomes very distorted. In this range you can see what you want to see. Which in this case they've taken a poor Secret Services image and twisted it to suit the agenda of Lizard people. Im sure his fellow Secret Service Agents are teasing him relentlessly right about now!
This whole concept of the oncoming Lizard Apocalypse as far as I can tell is perpetuated by David Icke. This guy goes around in lectures and makes millions of dollars spreading the dark tales of this subterranean race to the masses. His videos are all over YouTube, and he even has his own website. This story and cover-up by the government has been gobbled up by people so much so that we think we see them when they are not there, showing that the power of suggestion is powerful indeed.
These stories are ranging from seeing the vertical eyes flashing on TV while during a prominent figures speech, to getting blasted by an invisible energy blast from a nearby jogger. It has even included the Superstition Mountains in Arizona claiming an underground stronghold lay beneath the mountains. Well, I've also heard of secret vanishing mines, to Men In Black, to Aliens and Ghosts being there. I'd be more inclined to believe the Alien and Ghost side than anything else. As I'm also sure the thousands of hikers that climb the mountains yearly would also agree. I dont believe that there is an inch of that mountain that is not climbed by someone at some point.  Im sure if they were there there would be many more stories than there are.
If I believe people like David, then Im supposed to believe that they want to rule the Earth? Why is it nowadays everyone wants to control us? Are we really that special? If there are other planets out there with life on it, why would we assume that we are so special that Aliens, Lizard People and the NWO want to rule us? If I dress in a lizard costume will they think Im one of them and leave me alone? Hey maybe they eat our organs for food or something. Do you think they sit in a circle and laugh at us puny Earthlings?
Can I say that the Lizard People dont exist? Well, no. Thats like saying that ghosts and aliens dont exist. We just dont know. But in this case this really does just seem like peoples overactive imaginations working on overdrive. There are plenty of other more plausible government cover-ups for everyone to believe and research in my opinion. I guess Id say the same thing I would say to someone looking for Big-Foot, bring me a body and then well talk.

My First Ghost Adventure

My very first investigation I showed up with my digital SLR camera and an audio recorder I had just recently purchased. After a brief tour, I placed my audio recorder by the blood stains in the back of a nearby room.

We gathered the rest of our equipment and sat in a large circle in the middle of the game room, which was the largest room of the house. For awhile, we sat in the dark asking questions in typical ghost hunter fashion. Finally, an investigator starts to whisper that she starting to see shadows in a room next to ours. Right around that time people started to say they were catching orbs in their photos.

After about another hour or so, an investigator on the right of me said that something tugged on his arm and about the same time I looked to the left of him and saw a dissipating white mist.

We decide to get up and change rooms. I wandered over to the same room where the shadows were seen. I stopped right at the outside of the room and continued to stand there just looking into the room. The other investigators came over and asked why I just don't go in/? I shook my head no and said there's no way I'm going in there. No anyone who knows me knows I don't shy away from things very often.

Finally with two other members, we went in. Whole they were talking about the history of the room, I felt a heaviness like walking through a fog while walking to the back wall of the room. I leaned against the back wall while never taking my eyes off the walk-in closet. "Whats wrong?" They asked. "There's something in the closet staring at us." Now I don't claim to be sensitive or psychic in any way so this feeling was very new to me. So we took our pictures and left the room.

We were walking through the hallway and into the kitchen. One of the investigators stopped right after walking into the kitchen and had his back to the hallway.I was facing him and we were speaking about what we were going to do next. I could easily see the pantry behind him. All of a sudden a huge tall shadow shot up behind him and I could no longer see the pantry. All I could see was a black figure that seemed very wavy in nature. I saw him stiffen and straighten up, I then grabbed his arm and whispered to him that it was behind him. We slowly backed farther into the kitchen. It continued to stand there for several minutes. It continued to follow us around all night, and when it was there all the other shadows that we were seeing earlier in the night were gone.

I woke up in the morning and my wife asked if I had bruises on the inside bicep of my left arm. I said no and continued downstairs. Once I got into the light she said if I was sure. I looked down at my arm and saw a miniature hand print on my bicep. It was so detailed that you could see each pad on the hand. I got her to quickly take photos. She managed to get around 6 to 7 photos before it disappeared.

Later that day, I was reviewing my audio recorder and caught several EVPS. In one, we are heard talking in
the game room and in the middle of us talking you hear a scratching noise over and over. I slowed the audio down and what can clearly be heard is "Get Out! Get Out! Get Out!"

Half way through the investigation I moved my audio recorder to the other side of the house and left it in a bedroom. Some time later, a voice is clearly heard saying the name of an investigator and telling them to get out.

Now this is my first investigation. My first encounter with the paranormal. I will not ever claim anything to be a ghost, but just from my first encounter I can say there is something out there. I had many more experiences just from this location as we investigated it many times, and I will write more stories in entries to come

Roy-Tech Manager at

Monday, April 8, 2013

In The Land of Demonology

On TV they're cool, mysterious, and see the most disturbing things. They're able to tell you what your dealing with and how to do it. They even sometimes claim to be exorcists. The difference is figuring out who is real and who is not.

Demonology or Demonologists. The paranormal sensation on television has created a huge rise in this field. Of course if you are interested in the paranormal beyond ghost hunting, and you are trying to help those afflicted with evil spirits then you should know the basics. The issue we have with people knowing the basics is that they start referring to themselves as Demonologists when they are in fact..not. Real Demonologists and Exorcists are trained by a church of whatever denomination they are. They undergo years of spiritual training and have unwavering faith, and are trained by others who have years in the same field.

All too often what is done is someone will read a book or two, have little to no knowledge and then claim to be the real thing. While I agree that if you are in the field pursuing the spiritual aspect, then yes you absolutely should have knowledge on the subject. That does not make you a Demonologist. I know it sounds and looks fancy next to your name, but a time may come when someone will come to depend on you due to that title. Its something you need to be careful about calling yourself. You may enter a demonic case and not have the proper tools and knowledge necessary to battle said entity. In that case, you may end up getting yourself hurt, or others around you.

To those of you who dont really remember...there is more than a few religions. Sure there are the few major religions of our time Catholic, Christian, Muslim for example. What about those that are older? Pagan. By Pagan I mean those that have more than one God, most of which predate Christianity. Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian, just to name a few. Granted, depending on your geographical location, you probably won't encounter some of these older ones, but people need to realize that not every Demon would be responsive to the name of Jesus Christ. In Arizona where I reside, a great number of land belonged to Native Americans thus such knowledge of Native spirits would be beneficial. If you are only familiar with the Demons of Christianity and Catholicism, then you would call yourself as such or inform others of your specialty.

Even though I tend to approach cases on a scientific basis from the start, still spend some time studying this subject, as well as reading about other religions including Wicca, Hinduism, Satanism, Buddhism, etc but I would never claim myself to be a Demonologist nor an Occult expert. It just helps to have some knowledge in these subjects. Also, even if your interest is strictly Christian, Jewish, Islamic, you should know the basic misconceptions of each major religion. By Misconception I mean the rumors and lies people have been told to believe by parents, religions, friends. You can literally spend weeks combing through the misconceptions just in Christianity. Being able to separate fact from fiction is key when peoples lives hang in the balance.

Now if you are interested in reading about this subject, there are some books you can try. The trick with anything in the paranormal field is weeding through the crap and bookshelf fillers they sell in the bookstores.
One of the most famous tomes are is that has been written is The Goetia.  Again, I suggest studying for knowledge purposes only, as practicing whatever is contained without following the proper guidelines could be very harmful.

Like any other subject Im not going to write a book here so please make sure to be responsible and do your research. Unlike those who get into Ghost Hunting just for the thrill, seeking Demons is not for the faint of heart. This should be left to those that are extremely faithful in their religions.

Roy-Parapsychologist in training,  has been researching for over 5 years and investigating for 2.

Friday, April 5, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be.. Paranormal Slumber

You're dead asleep in the middle of the night. All of a sudden you jerk awake and find you are unable to move. Then you see something floating back and forth over your bed. It stays there seeming to taunt you, then it disappears as fast as it appeared.

What was it? Ghost? Spirit? Imagination?

Is your home haunted?

We hear tons of stories from people that have had paranormal encounters of waking, being unable to move and seeing shadows, ghosts, even people hearing their names called, or smelling something in the air that's not normal.  But is it truly paranormal? Usually we are quick to associate what we see with our places of residence being haunted. We let this terrorize us and let it affect our daily lives and our sleep habits.

Now if we take the time to digest what has happened and maybe do some research into it, we find that most things are indeed not paranormal. In this case yes, you may have had a close encounter with something unexplained. In this case if you aren't familiar with sleep disorders, this one is referred to as Hypnagogic Hallucinations. Now I can hear most of you now, Hypnawhatchamacallit? Yes I dare you to say it five times fast.

Hypnagogic Hallucinations is a list of hallucinations, one including sleep paralysis. While we are in Rem (when you are dreaming) sleep, our bodies are paralyzed with what we call Rem atonia. This prevents us from hurting ourselves in our sleep, but in those cases of sudden wakefulness can sometimes take a few minutes to wear off. So you will feel like you are being held down, and your mind may not be fully awake yet from your lucid dream causing you to seem like you are seeing, smelling, hearing things that are not actually present.

There are many factors that can contribute to this such as, narcolepsy, prescription medication or hallucinogenic street drugs, mental illness, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and irregular sleep schedules. So if you suffer from this regularly, it is suggested contact your physician.

Now every case fits in this category, as some will be legitimately paranormal. But I do ask you to take a moment to rationalize what's happened. If it keeps happening and you feel in danger then please call whoever can help. If this happens to be a paranormal team, you might still consider going to a physician to make sure there is not an underlying cause.

For more information, there is plenty of material on the internet. But here are some sites that might help you:

Be careful and Happy Hunting!