Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pyramids found deep in the Bermuda Triangle?

Deep down below the cold surface of the Bermuda Triangle, pyramids have been discovered by Paul Wein and Pauline Zalitzk.  Even better is that they appear to be made of crystal. Why in the Bermuda Triangle? Why built from Crystal? What is a pyramid even used for?

Since archeologists don't really know how the pyramids were built let alone what their purpose was, there has been several debates. The mainstream opinion is that they were used for burial chambers or tombs for the Pharaohs. There are several websites tying the pyramids around the world together saying the are gateways to other dimensions. When we visit these special sites, only the truly enlightened, the truly ready will be able to see the pyramids true purpose. The Bermuda Triangle was part of this theory, as one of the cornerstones of our higher consciousness. Are they hinting at where we are supposed to be?

Another opinion is that they were used as power plants, as the way the chambers and tunnels inside would suggest. In a study, scientists followed what they thought was a ventilation shaft only to find metal prongs in a chamber that once held a chemical that would be used for power. Does anyone know that all these sites are connected by Ley lines and that the Pyramids are located in one of the highest energy zones on the planet? Even the pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle are believed to be on Ley Lines.

 Now, if the Bermuda pyramids are made of crystal then crystal can indeed project energy. Could these be the first pyramids? The speculation of how these objects managed to wind up two thousand meters under the surface ranges from the normal earthquake made them fall in, to the Atlantis theory. As far as Atlantis goes, I would love to believe Atlantis existed, but besides the story by Plato, there has been no evidence that I am aware.of.   Is it possible that these were just built under the ocean? That maybe the energy forces that radiate from these mysterious structures are what's making boats and planes disappear? Maybe the mass amounts of energy created are making vortexes that are trapping objects entering the area.

To anyone who knows of Tesla and his coils, then we know that natural energy is indeed possible. If it weren't for J.P. Morgan who was the financier for Tesla we would have the free energy today. Even on Youtube, there are videos on how to create Stirling engines that give you free energy. Are these giant Stirling engines? The past is the key to our future, so are these trying to show us the way to a better future?

Roy Weedmark is the owner of Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.


  1. not only are the pi-ramids part of a globle netwerk but in the northen hemipher the palaithec stonehing type structures incerkle the globe see red paint people and posibly in the southern hem as well think pilons as if the world were some great machine

    1. You type like an educated and drugged up 6 year old.