Monday, July 29, 2013

Mirror Gazing

Practicing the ancient art of mirror gazing can be an informative and life changing experience. Mirror Gazing (Scrying), is the ancient technique of gazing into a mirror to try to bridge our world with the spirit realm. Mystics like Nostradamus used variations of this to see into the future, solve problems, and find lost things.

The first gazing was not done with a mirror but used a liquid in a clear or painted bowl or a still lake. It wasn't until sometime in the middle ages when mirrors were invented that mirror gazing started.

Variations of Scrying include smoke, ink in liquid, blood in liquid, obsidian stones, mirrors and any other reflective object. For mirror gazing an ordinary mirror can be used, but a black mirror is recommended by most practitioners. Candles should be lit somewhere in the room for light, but not in view of the practitioner.

Mirror gazing consists of having a thought, object or person in mind and staring into the mirror for as long as an hour. Patience is the key to mirror gazing. It may take up to months to condition your mind to stay on track while staring at yourself for such long periods of time.The idea is to enter a trance also known as the Hypnagogic state. Some sites will tell you to avoid blinking, others to blink. Stare at the mirror, but don't stare. Try everything out and finding what works best for you. The problem with entering the Hypnagogic state is hallucinations can occur. Much like sleep paralysis you can hallucinate without the ability to move.

Trying to view a deceased relative or loved one? It is believed that surrounding yourself  with photos and possessions will help trigger the effect. Concentrate on whatever is decided upon. People have claimed to have been hugged during this exercise.

If you're using this on a paranormal investigation, concentrate on the name of someone who used to be there if you know them. It may be hard to imagine a face if a picture is not provided. Also, unless you are adept in this, you may not see anything at all.

Much like meditation, mirror gazing takes extreme practice and patience. There are different ways of practicing with different results. Due to the resemblance to meditation, the question surfaces is conjuring or communicating during mirror gazing a real occurrence or a product of the subconscious mind? Perhaps further evidence that consciousness is not stored locally in the body?

For more information try this site.

Roy Weedmark is the owner of Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.


  1. At CHAUTAUQUA INSTITUTION Playwright Larry Myers implements mirror gazing as a device to investigate Chautauqua 's past. Various previous guess appear : Presidents Theodore & Franklin Roosevelt, Kurt Vonnegut (who Myers shared a Theater for the New City benefit bill with) Mark Twain (who stayed in a family friend Pennsylvania home) .... Dr Myers new drama is called
    "Chautauqua Knockout Game"
    It concerns ageism, violence against Seniors & Chautaqua ghosts

  2. This is a ridiculous thing to do. Don't you realize how great the mind is? After all, mankind was created in the image of God, and still is.

  3. No what's ridiculous is that you clearly don't believe and even disagree with this practice but at the same time believe in something as ridiculous as "god" creating mankind in their image.

  4. I concur with anonymous from July14, 2015!

  5. the caputo effect. Look it up.

    The idea is create a liminal place where your consciousness gets out of the way. Psychologists think you hallucinate as your brain tries to figure out what it is seeing. I think that this creates an opening for seeing other things. It is like your third eye is just drifting around looking at clouds and making things of them. But if you gave it a focus you could see things. The problem is how to give it that focus? Do pictures of a dead loved one help you find that loved one or simply help you hallucinate about them? The very ambiguity is what creates the effect in the first place.

    Consider the fact that light is either a particle or a wave depending on the viewer and realize it is possible that this could be real.

  6. I have been reading about mom died five months ago, I tried mirror gazing today....first the mirror got cloudy, and my face began to get darker, silhouettes kinda......then I could see my face start to change, it was my mom.....we have different noses kinda , and that's what I noticed first and saw interesting.