Sunday, July 5, 2015

Precognitive dreaming: The gift of foresight

Precognition is knowledge of a future event or situation, especially through extrasensory means. People having these dreams would be dreaming of events yet to come true, usually action for action, word for word. Sometimes these events will come to light in a few days, sometimes not for years at a time. Most of these dreams seem to be about normal ordinary mundane topics, not the dramatic life changing events people may expect.

Some theories suggest that some of these precognitive dreams may just be the body and mind trying to subconsciously tell you something.  An example would be a woman dreaming she was pregnant before she eventually took a test to reveal the fact that she indeed was pregnant.  This case the woman’s body communicated with her brain to reveal she was pregnant before any tests could confirm, or before she started to show.

Psychologists have been trying to determine whether precognitive dreaming exists or is a byproduct of the minds tendency to find patterns. Some suggest the mind will try to find “meaningful patterns in meaningless noise.” This explains why people see shapes in clouds, and faces on Mars. Some also claim that some of these dreams have only been right by chance, not because the person saw it in a dream.

Parapsychologists argue that precognitive dreaming is much more than the body trying to communicate, or coincidence, this phenomena is real a version of clairvoyance. There are many claims of precognition where the dreamer could not have known any of the facts outside of the dream, and that there are too many claims for it to be just coincidence. There is a theory that these dreams may be a byproduct of unreleased psychokinesis by those who gift go unused.
The fact is there is no explanation for precognitive dreaming, but research is ongoing by believers and nonbelievers alike. For those lucky enough to receive these visions, keep practicing, and keep dreaming.

Anyone have precognitive dreams, please feel free to leave your stories in the comments

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Survivorman Bigfoot with Les Stroud

The debate over the largely mysterious Bigfoot gets yet another spark with the new serious Survivorman Bigfoot. This is a spin-off of the hit television series Survivorman with Les Stroud. Survivorman was similar in nature to Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls, with little differences. Les Stroud didn't have a camera crew following him like Bear Grylls does, he was out in the wilderness, stranded by himself.

Survivorman Bigfoot is essentially the same concept, except now Les Stroud is on the prowl for Bigfoot in various locations.

More so than the usual Bigfoot endeavor, Les Stroud seems to take a realistic approach to locating the legendary creature, to a point. Les Stroud does raise the question, "Where did the idea of Bigfoot living in a cave come from? Why do they need to live in caves?" There are a few other examples of Les questioning the "accepted" myth; more of this is needed, as more advancement can be made by continuing to question the norm.

There were some interesting theories brought forth during the show, from Bigfoot lookouts, to organized government assassinations of Bigfoot herds. Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with conspiracy gold like that, probably expanding and creating new accepted theories.

Anyone who is familiar with paranormal investigating can relate to the show a tad, where Les states that Bigfoot hunters don't share information with each other, much to the detriment of the field. Anything related to paranormal study can only be advanced if people can get together and exchange ideas, no matter how crazy the ideas are.

Hopefully Les Stroud can continue to further the exposure to new theories, and question the normal practice. Is it possible Les Stroud can be the bridge between Bigfoot investigators?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ghost Adventures Aftershocks: Review

Ghost Adventures is probably the largest and most successful paranormal television show ever. Zak Bagans has managed to keep the show fresh and entertaining, bringing the viewers back again and again. So it makes sense that eventually Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aarron Goodwin would create spin offs and side projects.

One of these spin-offs has become Ghost Adventures Aftershocks. Ghost Adventures Aftershocks goes behind the scenes to show things that went unseen, updates on the case subjects, and mostly interviews. Most of the time Zak Bagans probes into the guests backgrounds, and what happened in detail on that investigation over several interviews.  To manufacture some drama, seemed like Zak Bagans would ask very inappropriate questions to try to spark a response from the guests, which I found somewhat distasteful.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fan of Ghost Adventures. They change things up enough in their investigations to keep me interested. So when I found out about Ghost Adventures Aftershocks, I had to watch. Everyone in their lifetime has things they watch that wish they could have that time back..This was one of those times for me. Thirty minutes in I was bored out of my mind, and had to change to something else to maintain my sanity.

Ghost Adventures Aftershocks will probably be successful due to the popularity of Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans. For people expecting Ghost Adventures Aftershocks to be as entertaining as the original, they will be greatly disappointed. This seems to be a sad attempt just to cash in the the Ghost Adventures following.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Haunting: Australia...Review

Having known someone who resells Apparitions Technologies, I've been hearing about Haunting Australia for some time. While I know the equipment used in the show is good, unfortunately I felt the Haunting Australia show to be average.

Haunting Australia takes place in well, you guessed it Australia. So far unlike most other paranormal television shows, Haunting Australia on SYFY is not solely based off of the use of equipment. Everything seems similar, doing the deed in the dark, and doing the usual asylums, etc.

Haunting Australia starts off well have having a diverse group of investigators. Well, the problem with the investigators is most of it consists of mediums and an exorcist. Now, as far as paranormal television I am not a fan of using mediums. I watch to see if they collect evidence. When a medium says "I feel this" and "I feel that", there'e no evidence to be seen. How does everyone know you're not faking it for the show? Hence, I become uninterested.

I did feel amazed at what they called paranormal evidence in the review. They dismissed the first image as matrixing, just to accept the second image as paranormal, when it was also matrixing.

I honestly hope the first episodes of Haunting Australia are just a warm up and it gets better. Work out all the kinks now, otherwise Haunting Australia may do what most paranormal televisions shows do and go the way of the Dodo bird.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spook: A long Overdo Book Review

Many in the paranormal field have debated and discussed the 1800's experiments that were done to try to weigh the soul as it escapes the body. However, many do not understand the actual details of these experiments and quote them unjustly.

Enter Mary Roach, and her research into this subject as well as The Spiritualist movement, Reincarnation, and multitude of other misunderstood subjects.

Mary travels with experts along this crazy revealing ride. She even enrolls in medium school, to try to understand what it means to be a medium, delves into what creates life, even tackles the Ghostbuster associated Ectoplasm.

Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife is a well written informative read that kept my attention throughout and was very difficult to put down.

For anyone interested in the science's take on the afterlife this is a must read. For those in the paranormal field this would be like doing homework in school, meaning this is absolutely essential to understanding both sides of the coin.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Annabelle...The Conjuring Prequel

I recently had the privilege to pre screen the prequel to the Conjuring, Annabelle.

To those who don't know, Annabelle in conjunction with The Conjuring tells a tale of how the Annabelle doll came to reside in the basement of Ed and Loraine Warren. Whether or not the story is based off the true story is unknown.

Lovers of the Conjuring will no doubt flock to Annabelle, in order to get their annual Halloween scare. The pre screening I attended, people had been waiting in line since 9am.

As a paranormal investigator I did enjoy this movie. The story was interesting enough to keep me entertained the entire time, (not to mention the screams from the audience).  While sometimes going over the top, Annabelle was able to maintain the mood throughout the story.

But if you're looking for Conjuring scares, and story I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the Conjuring 2.

Despite the ups and downs of Annabelle it is a must see for all horror movie fans.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ghost Asylum on Destination America

Ghost Asylum on Destination American is actually the same group that starred in Ghostland Tennessee. That said, everyone may already know what to expect.

Ghost Asylum's first investigation is the Old War Memorial, in Scottsville, Kentucky. This investigation has the feel of every other show ever shot in an asylum. Lights off, same "assumption" based investigating.

Like the Ghostland Tennessee episode, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers rely almost solely on the sometimes unreliable K2 Meters. Although this time I believe they are taking the Mountain Monsters route and are going to create different "traps" every episode. No doubt they are trying to deem themselves the real Ghost Busters, and be the first to capture a spirit. The real question is, what do you do with a captured spirit...blow it up? I think it's already dead.

Can we finally get a show that does something different? It's either using a mask to create fear in clients, using a dog, traps, but all using the same techniques as everyone else. Why do teams continue to shoot all paranormal shows in pitch dark? Seeing shadows in the dark is unreliable due to your eyes seeing things that aren't there. Is it just because it's scarier?

Well at least they're not blowing up anything this time.

Roy Weedmark is the owner of Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.