Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ghost Asylum on Destination America

Ghost Asylum on Destination American is actually the same group that starred in Ghostland Tennessee. That said, everyone may already know what to expect.

Ghost Asylum's first investigation is the Old War Memorial, in Scottsville, Kentucky. This investigation has the feel of every other show ever shot in an asylum. Lights off, same "assumption" based investigating.

Like the Ghostland Tennessee episode, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers rely almost solely on the sometimes unreliable K2 Meters. Although this time I believe they are taking the Mountain Monsters route and are going to create different "traps" every episode. No doubt they are trying to deem themselves the real Ghost Busters, and be the first to capture a spirit. The real question is, what do you do with a captured spirit...blow it up? I think it's already dead.

Can we finally get a show that does something different? It's either using a mask to create fear in clients, using a dog, traps, but all using the same techniques as everyone else. Why do teams continue to shoot all paranormal shows in pitch dark? Seeing shadows in the dark is unreliable due to your eyes seeing things that aren't there. Is it just because it's scarier?

Well at least they're not blowing up anything this time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ghostland Tennessee..Seen It Yet? Wish I Hadn't

Ghostland Tennessee....As a "writer" as well as a paranormal investigator I try to remain neutral when watching paranormal television. In this instance however my neutrality lasted about 5 minutes before it changed into "Ghostland Tennessee is whats wrong with paranormal television shows." I now consider this the front runner in terrible television.

As I have previously discussed in reviews, many paranormal groups have adopted their standards for paranormal investigation from paranormal television. Same ideas will be adopted by people interested in the paranormal, even clients.

Ghostland Tennessee takes your stereo typical investigation and amplifies it several times over.

Before the investigation even begins, the group lets them know that they believe its a spirit that's attached itself to the family. Of course after that everyone starts to spout the paranormal's most common phrase: "It's Demonic." All of this occurs before the investigation ever takes place...

The K2 meter for example, should not be used during investigations. The K2 meter can give false positives depending on the location of the building being investigated. Ghostland Tennessee chooses to ignore this and uses them for the investigation. Whether aware or not, the group perpetuates the idea that every flicker is a spirit trying to communicate. If you own a K2 or are interested in it, do yourself a favor and research them. Here I am almost assuming they do not know how to use them properly.

So many people may not know about the Devils Toybox. Ghostland Tennessee uses it as a ghost trap, and claims to have actually caught something inside. This would be the first time I have ever heard of something being trapped inside. Thousands of investigators have assembled these devices and tried them out, to no avail. Ghostland Tennessee apparently appears to have been the first group to capture something, and on television no less!

I always have a hangup about trying to provoke a "spirit" in someone's home. All it takes is someone stirring up whatever is there and leaving, then the residents have to pay the price of your actions. Please think it through before this is done. Ghostland would have everyone believe this is an acceptable practice. This is most definitely not.

Beware to people that watch paranormal television shows, that these should be taken as entertainment only. Unfortunately, they are not. Just because Ghostland Tennessee chooses to use a Devil's Toybox or discuss with a client what is in the building before and investigation doesn't mean anyone should.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are Ghosts Actually Ghosts at All?

People all over the world are following the "assumed" theories of what ghosts are. They follow the religious belief of angels and demons and souls being trapped on Earth. Are we at least considering other ideas?

Purposing new ideas is not always met with open arms. People want to believe what they've been taught to believe, especially if it aligns with their religious beliefs. To question the assumed theory can mean fights and arguments even among the closest of friends.

Knowing this, let's purpose some ideas. The dead souls of the world outnumber the living 10 million to one, just to throw some numbers out. Given this amount, wouldn't it make sense for "hauntings" to be more common? Especially in areas where people have been living and dying for thousands of years. The land would have more history than a ghost or two would make sense for. Take the Eastern part where the Civil War occurred. So many souls escaped their vessels and yet are there sightings on a mass scale seen on the land? So many traumatic deaths, wouldn't mass hauntings be a realistic idea?

Why are homes usually the places haunted? There should be hauntings and ghosts everywhere. People had tragic things happen to them long before roads and buildings were built. Arizona has had a long history of Cowboys, Indians, and Hispanic wars and bloodshed. With an area teaming with such outrage and traumatic loss of life, there doesn't seem to be as many hauntings and stories as one might assume. Not only that, why aren't more seen visually?

Anyone who has ever done private investigations will admit that usually very little happens. Yet the homeowner(s) will usually tell vivid tales of very active spirits. Yet with thousands of investigations occurring, there is still very little "reliable" evidence that spirits are inhabiting these homes. In most cases no evidence at all is captured.

 Take the numbers for Demons as well. With thousands of Demons, wouldn't demon possession be more common? It doesn't make sense that possession would be as rare as it seems. So why does it seem to happen so rarely? Demonologists give percentages in the .01-.09 that the hauntings are demonic.

Like the supernatural fictional television shows, paranormal activity should be very common with entities and spirits everywhere. With the upsurge in paranormal investigators odds are someone by now would have caught the holy grail of proof.

Is there a chance that not all of what we see or hear are not in fact ghosts in the traditional sense? 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aliens on the moon

News has come out recently about possible alien bases being found on the moon by astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
during the Apollo 11 voyage. Speculation has it their were mining facilities among some of these, and that the astronauts were warned not to return to the moon. Shortly after the program was scrapped due to lack of funding.

These images being shown on the internet as 'proof' of these facilities remind one of the blurry images on Mars thought to be pyramids and faces. The images are very blurry and it would be very easy to 'matrix' some of the objects in the photos as something they indeed may not be.

Everyone who is a conspiracy theorist has been salivating and foaming at the mouth for this event to happen. To further show or speculate that the government is communicating and covering up being in contact with extraterrestrials. But are they reaching? Of course they are. Obviously the government isn't going to come right out and admit to everyone that they've been lying for years, but people take whatever little tidbits of information that can be obtained and turn them into whatever fits the outcome they desire.

Are we saying aliens aren't real? Of course not. That would be even more ridiculous, but people need to stop and think before passing speculation off as true news.

Conspiracies take a lot of moving parts to make them work. Especially one of this magnitude would include many people, and if anything has been learned is that people like to talk. Would a secret like this have lasted so long? Maybe but doubtful. There have been people throughout history who even under threat of death have still come forward to reveal the truth.

Think about this, "usually the simplest answer is usually the correct one."

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Equipment Review : EM Vortex

Generated electricity is said to increase paranormal activity. By giving the spirits more energy to feed from, spirits should in theory have more energy to interact with the living.

Enter the EM Vortex. Unlike the standard generators the EM Vortex has three hand wound coils that generates the vortex, instead of just a little pump inside that has to vibrate. Each mode has a variable pulse and rotation rate, which is great if you're trying to do some research into this theory.

While these devices can be great for some cases, be aware the range for such battery powered devices are only a few feet. These are still ideal as powered devices can cause false results, and possibly some medical side effects. Being one of the more powerful portable devices around, you really can't go wrong.

Running in eight AA batteries gives it a longer running time which is essential for those longer cases, and still lightweight enough to carry around if so desired.

The author is not a paid endorser of Visit their website to purchase this and other paranormal investigation tools.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Devils Due..Review

Devils Due is the new paranormal demon movie to hit the theatres. Devils Due is basically Rosemary's Baby reimagined. The movie follows a newly married couple who goes on their honeymoon and the crazy events that happen.

The plot is nothing new, its not even as good a Rosemary's Baby done in 1968. Its the same possessed person who gets crazy and kills everyone plot. About halfway through the movie I remember wanting the movie to be over, which is unusual due to the fact I love the horror, paranormal movie genre.

The camera work is done in the same tired first person view started by Blair Witch Project, just without the steadycam on. Anyone who gets nauseous with shaky camera work should avoid this movie at all costs. I usually can deal with first person and got nauseous during this movie.

In the end, I believe the Devil owes me my money back.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Find a Better Light to Investigate With! A Review

Buying new equipment in the paranormal field without trying it first or having good reviews is a a good way to end up wasting a lot of hard earned money. Buying new gadgets that cost a lot of money that result in little to no positive results can make anyone not want to buy any more.

Until now most investigators will tell you they use a certain brand of lights, and that's it. It's true lights in the paranormal field can be very expensive with little to no running time, some requiring more time to charge than actual running time. The cost of batteries can be a real drain on any teams budget, especially when some lights only run for a few hours and require a slew of batteries to power them. 

Range is also very important when doing paranormal investigations. The ability to see all the way down the hallway instead of ten feet down the hallway can be the difference in catching what may be great evidence, or none at all. 

Well what kind of light to buy? There's so many in the market. U/V, I/R, White light, Full Spectrum and the list goes on and on. What if you're looking for a combination of these? Well one can always make a custom light, but that requires parts, time and know-how to do so. 

This is where the IR/UV Floodlight from comes in. This gem is packing 15 total 10 mm LEDS. With 8 10 mm I/R LEDS, and 7 10 mm U/V LEDS, this Floodlight eliminates the question of which kind of light to buy. 

Unlike other lights that  are just on and off, this beauty has a Hi-Lo switch. Taking it on several investigations this feature came in handy inside some if the largest buildings. Usually I use the same lights as everyone else does, but after the field test and longer battery running time than stated, I will be switching. The light states 4+ hours, I was easily able to get 7 hours and still have battery life left.

For the price versus the major brand of the paranormal field, I think I've found my new favorite toy. 

To purchase this I/R U/V Floodlight and other products, visit