Tuesday, January 26, 2016

X-Files 2016: Long lost plot

People have become more and more enamored with conspiracies and the paranormal over the years, as

The X-Files was one of the longest aired series dedicated to paranormal phenomena and government conspiracy. Originally aired from 1993-2002 on FOX, the series followed agents Fox Mulder and Dana Skully on their quest to uncover the truth. The original series that spawned two movies dealt mostly with government cover-ups to carry out illegal testing, and attempts to further it's own agenda.

Stories written for the original series fit the era it aired in, but with the X-Files continuing in 2016, the story seems to have stayed in the 90's. The plot seems to be a regurgitation of mainstream beliefs that are circulated today, especially by those Alex Jones style radio hosts.  In fact, one could assume Chris Carter is an Alex Jones fan, and only expanded on his ideas. This version of the X-Files doesn't push the envelope as much as when the journey began.

With four episodes remaining, there is little time for the X-Files storyline to evolve to the point where most fans would expect it to be, but I admit I'm hooked all the same. 

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