Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ghost Adventures uses the authority in Hollywood while on investigation

Scott and Zak at the Hollywood Sign
The Ghost Adventures Crew took a trip to Hollywood, to investigate the historical landmarks that litter the landscape of the city.

The first stop was the Hollywood sign, where it is reported that an aspiring actress threw herself from the iconic landmark. They brought along the Dearly Departed Tour Company as their guides on this incredible quest. Dearly Departed Tour Founder Scott Michaels was on hand to give Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures Crew the play by play in history.

One of the many artifacts in the Dearly Departed Collection
For people who aren't from Hollywood or visited there, the DDTC does just that. What sets this company apart from other tour companies and tours is Scott and Brian Donnelly. Scott has built a name for himself as "the authority on the dark side of Hollywood." Scott is the man when it comes to knowledge on Charles Manson, even producing a few documentaries on the subject. Scott has even gone as far as to import and collect artifacts from famous Hollywood murders, and serial killers and display them for all to see in his shop. The DDTC storefront is more like a museum then it is a shop, with visitors able to spend hours wandering the store. I was there for a tour mid-2015 and witnessed fans of his stopping by to give him a gift, something, of course, to display in his museum.

In speaking with Scott, once he found out I was a paranormal investigator, he did go into stories about how his store is possibly inhabited by spirits from all the items he's collected. Maybe this is the place Ghost Adventures should have investigated.

Brian Donnelly may be the best tour guide in Hollywood with his extensive knowledge and love of everything Hollywood. Brian takes the out of the way approach to Hollywood, not just visiting the hot-spots and his love for his profession shine through in his presentation. If you're not already following Brian on Facebook, you should start. Brian's page may be your end-all-be-all for history and celebrities in Hollywood.

For those of all who are into the dark side of history in Hollywood, stop by the DDTC and have a chat with Scott and Brian, and I would highly recommend taking one or more of their tours, as you will not be disappointed. If you are into paranormal investigating, the DDTC store front/museum is a great place to visit. 

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