Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Experience with Paranormal Television: Not what You Would Expect

Remember that paranormal television was born from some kind of true event. Ghostly events do happen, just not as often as entertainment would like you to believe. During my time I have seen some truly terrifying things, all unexplainable, none on television.

Having been in the paranormal field since around 2010, I have been both lucky and unlucky enough to have been in the situation to be on television (some voluntary some not). While it does bring some excitement to your investigations, it also reveals the entertainment aspect of the paranormal.

We were followed by a News crew on one of our investigations, where some things happened but mostly it was a quiet night. The news piece that aired seemed to be mostly accurate, of course, they took some liberties to make the situation a bit creepier than it really was. Fast forward a few years and several episodes later, I have changed my mind on the experience.

On several occasions, after viewing the new episodes my opinion has changed. Viewing the shows on television events would be shown that never actually happened, or were in heavy debate among the team. Obviously, these incidents were included by the production company in order to make the program worth viewing.

During my time investigation, I have had plenty of events I would deem as paranormal, just not anything since the television experience has started. Every time I am involved with something that ends up airing on television, I end up irritated knowing that half the events that were shown never happened. These events along with years of experience have soured any kind of paranormal television for me.

Don't get me started on those that star in most of these one story shows. Do you what you love for the experience and education of the unknown, not for the possible fame.

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