Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our minds:Paranormal projectors

Anyone who has been on paranormal investigations or has had paranormal experiences in their lifetime and have seen shadows or ghosts or heard voices probably believes in the paranormal. It is believed those who are not skeptical and are more open to the possibility of life after death has more experiences. It seems like those that are skeptical or don't believe don't experience the same activity as our believing brethren.

As Parapsychologists have been researching poltergeist activity for a long time coming up with two classifications. One is R.S.P.K, which is Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis. R.S.P.K. involves someone who can inadvertently make things move, or project ghosts or shadows. The second is an actual ghost.

What if all 'ghosts' are nothing but projections? Most hauntings in homes that have paranormal activity that wasn't there before seem to be the projection of the people living in the home. Investigators seemingly agree that most hauntings appear to be the product of couples fighting, or an angry individual. Couples have stated that they have had no paranormal activity in their home until they started arguing and fighting. All of a sudden doors started banging, sounds were heard, and footsteps can be heard throughout the home. As soon as the fighting and arguing ceased, the paranormal activity also ceased.

There are also cases in poltergeist activity that are tied to angry or extremely emotional people. It is theorized that these people also project outward unknowingly when their frustrations reach a boiling point. It seems that when the person or people can fix themselves and project a positive attitude only then does the paranormal activity stop. This is why psychologists can play a major role in stopping the paranormal in people's lives.

Fear can also be a factor. If you are so afraid of the idea of ghosts or demons and you think about it all the times, can you in fact project them? If people are afraid of a plastic and cardboard Ouji board, then they are in fact giving the Ouji board power of their consciousness. When people fear things they leave themselves open to being controlled by them whether they are real or not.

Ghost hunting at celebrity places like Gettysburg with people that are open minded or believe in the paranormal can also create ghosts. People want to see something so bad that they can again project sounds or something to move that can be caught on camera.

The power of the brain continues to surprise us every day. People find that the mind is capable of things we never thought possible especially with regular mind exercise. So with this thought, can the mind be a paranormal projector?

Roy Weedmark is the owner of Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.

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