Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joe Rogan Questions Everything on Syfy

For Joe Rogan fans this is a dream come true. Anyone who listens to The Joe Rogan Experience knows this show is right down his alley. Joe routinely has people on his show who discuss the often hidden side of human nature, or Bigfoot, even robots taking over the world.

Unlike other shows such as Jesse Vs Conspiracy Theory Joe tries to get to the truth instead of accepting and trying to prove that something is real. When it came to attempting to find Bigfoot or battling those who blame HAARP for the weather, he looks at the situation with a skeptical and intellectual mind. The show dives into the science behind it, both for and against it.

For example, anyone who has seen Jesse Ventura's show on HAARP, will recognize the experiment using rain and electricity. JV made the experiment sound legitimate, and Joe Rogan found out it wasn't even the same concept as HAARP and tore it apart!

Same concept when they went to the 2045 conference. The ability to download consciousness into an outside storage or robot is a very controversial subject Joe Rogan did not hesitate to question it. Joe grilled the creator of the real reason he wanted to make humans immortal by transplanting their consciousness into robots. Joe slams the Russian billionaire by calling him a wannabe god.

While Joe Rogan Questions Everything is still new, I believe I can redeem myself after liking Mountain Monsters by telling everyone who is curious about nature to tune into the SYFY channel.

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