Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Continuing Ghost Adventures

Paranormal Investigations can be hit or miss. Sometimes investigators can come to a location and it will be very active as far as sounds, shadows.  Other times in the same location, investigators can be bored out of their minds. On this particular night, we were lucky enough for it to be very active. This is the same residence as my first encounter, I think maybe the spirits were feeling frisky.

An investigator and I walk into the residence, that once functioned as a hospice. In all, there were 7 rooms, a game room, and a pantry with blood all over the floor. All the lights are off in the home so we carefully set up in the kitchen, trying not to disturb the ambiance.  We decide to start in the game room off to the left in the hallway. After setting up the usual array of K2 meters, EM Pumps, and voice recorders, we started.

As usual, I made the mistake of talking a lot of crap to the house. This is before I learned that sometimes it makes things worse. Asking questions and staying still, we started to get responses by whatever was lurking around. In the middle of a casual question and answer session, footprints can be clearly heard on the tile floor in the kitchen. "What was that?" Walking into the kitchen, we hear something in the far hallway across the room.

We slowly creep toward the kitchen. Reaching the hallway, we stop and keep very quiet like we're hunting wabbits. Sitting still for a few minutes we hear footsteps and banging back in the game room. "Are they messing with us?" Walking back toward the game room we notice something standing in the hallway. We try to ask questions but right as we started the figure melts away.

We were waiting for the rest of the group, so the investigator stepped out to wait for them. Now ever since I began coming to this residence, people kept telling me that no one has ever been in  the building alone at night. So for some daring reason, I decided to stick it out inside the residence by myself. Feeling anxious and uneasy I walked over to the long hallway and squatted down. Can I make it by myself? Still being newer to the field, I was unaware of my gut feeling telling me to go. It took only a few moments for footsteps to sound behind me. Bang! Loud sound down the hallway like something was thrown, only I didn't see anything thrown!  I see a shadow standing in the kitchen. Just as fast as it was there, its gone. Staring into the kitchen, there were footsteps in the rooms behind me....Whirling around, I hear something walking up to me, then whispers in my ear. Inaudible.

I had decided at this point that I had had enough. I walked outside and started telling the other investigator what had happened. While we were talking both of us saw blinds in one of the windows pull back and something look out at us.....

Roy Weedmark is the owner of Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.

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