Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skinwalker Ranch

Legends have been coming out of the SkinWalker Ranch by the droves. From Indian Skinwalkers, to  aliens running around all over the property. Much like Area 51, these stories have brought wannabe visitors by the groves to the property.

From the shows like Joe Rogan Challenges Everything, or Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory they delve deep into the stories and help to deepen the mystery. Are there UFOs or aliens running around? Possibly. But the owner Robert Bigelow has his hands in the government space program, as well as MUFON. If he was researching classified technology and didn't want to raise suspicions sure this setting would be great. But why then here? The ranch was previously owned and was famous even before Bigelow bought the property. So one has to assume he is there for so much more than technology.

Skinwalker Ranch is located in Utah, and activity has been reported as early as the 1950's. The Ute Indians have made claims of strange occurances in this area even farther back than that being skinwalkers is an Indian name. Speculation that the Skinwalker Ranch has a thin veil like the Bermuda Triangle and is why strange creatures and thousands of UFOs have been and continue to be seen at the ranch.

Usually there are reasons why the government and big shots like Bigelow move into places like this. The only questions that remain are Do You Believe? Will the government ever disclose the UFO information? Can the public handle the truth? 

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