Friday, May 24, 2013

Haunted Collector? Really?

As I’m watching the not so new show The Haunted Collector I cant help but wonder, do they hand pick places that they think have haunted items, or do they plant them? I seemingly doubt that it would be that easy to find places that happen to be haunted by items. Trust me it doesn't happen as often as they may make it seem. Let alone they seem to find the item in a night or two, which really doesn't happen in real investigations. Let alone find the exact item and having the client let you take it such things don’t really happen without priority agreements or false placement.

Most times in investigations we tell the clients that it usually takes a few investigations to really be able to determine what they are experiencing, and how to get rid of it. I've had some clients where it took three or four investigations to even capture anything.

Now I can’t say that this is what’s going on, as John is supposed to be a reputable member of the paranormal community. But I can’t help but ask those questions and I always bring up the fact that these shows always seem to find evidence when there are plenty of times you can travel to a known haunted place and get nothing.

This again just like my review of Deep South Paranormal, these are the things that give us a bad name as the paranormal community. First these shows are not any different from each other, they make it seem like you’ll always get evidence every time you go out. People, this is simply not true. Most of the time it’s like watching paint dry. You may get nothing at all for eight hours. You may get one noise, or you may have an evening so packed that it forever changes your life.

Needless to say just as I have stopped watching The DSP show, this one is next. There are only so many crappy shows I can fit into my schedule. 

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