Friday, May 24, 2013

A Haunted House 2013 Review

Do you like scary haunting movies? I know I do..But you wont find it here. If you love spoofs of those scary haunting movies then look no further! A Haunted House is a spoof of you guessed it- Paranormal Activity. If either spoofs or Paranormal Activity are not your kind of movies then I would suggest you go ahead and move on.

Marlon Wayans (not my fav but will do) stars in this over the top spoof of a often confusing series. I usually have reservations about these kinds of movies, and by this I mean I dont usually like spoofs of any kind whatsoever. But after just a few minutes of watching you can see that they've kept it from being totally stupid (still pretty stupid just not totally).  I did find myself repeatedly laughing my butt off during A Haunted House and did enjoy myself watching it very much. Although there really isnt a plot here that you haven't seen if you've seen the Paranormal Activity movies, I still wont give any of the scenes away as they are worth watching.

I know this is going to be a short review, but theres not a whole lot to say besides watch it. I think youll enjoy it if you like the Wayans style of comedy, haunted movies, or along this genre.

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