Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Domination of the Lizard People?

I have to admit it, this is an article topic I never in my life thought I would be writing about. It seems I can't go to any paranormal website anymore without having to hear or read some new story a secret Lizard race?
Just the other day I was looking around on a paranormal site I frequent and came across a video claiming to be of a secret service agent for Obama that was secretly a lizard humanoid.
Here is the link to the video:
OK. Really? This is shot in the digital zoom range of the camera so it becomes very distorted. In this range you can see what you want to see. Which in this case they've taken a poor Secret Services image and twisted it to suit the agenda of Lizard people. Im sure his fellow Secret Service Agents are teasing him relentlessly right about now!
This whole concept of the oncoming Lizard Apocalypse as far as I can tell is perpetuated by David Icke. This guy goes around in lectures and makes millions of dollars spreading the dark tales of this subterranean race to the masses. His videos are all over YouTube, and he even has his own website. This story and cover-up by the government has been gobbled up by people so much so that we think we see them when they are not there, showing that the power of suggestion is powerful indeed.
These stories are ranging from seeing the vertical eyes flashing on TV while during a prominent figures speech, to getting blasted by an invisible energy blast from a nearby jogger. It has even included the Superstition Mountains in Arizona claiming an underground stronghold lay beneath the mountains. Well, I've also heard of secret vanishing mines, to Men In Black, to Aliens and Ghosts being there. I'd be more inclined to believe the Alien and Ghost side than anything else. As I'm also sure the thousands of hikers that climb the mountains yearly would also agree. I dont believe that there is an inch of that mountain that is not climbed by someone at some point.  Im sure if they were there there would be many more stories than there are.
If I believe people like David, then Im supposed to believe that they want to rule the Earth? Why is it nowadays everyone wants to control us? Are we really that special? If there are other planets out there with life on it, why would we assume that we are so special that Aliens, Lizard People and the NWO want to rule us? If I dress in a lizard costume will they think Im one of them and leave me alone? Hey maybe they eat our organs for food or something. Do you think they sit in a circle and laugh at us puny Earthlings?
Can I say that the Lizard People dont exist? Well, no. Thats like saying that ghosts and aliens dont exist. We just dont know. But in this case this really does just seem like peoples overactive imaginations working on overdrive. There are plenty of other more plausible government cover-ups for everyone to believe and research in my opinion. I guess Id say the same thing I would say to someone looking for Big-Foot, bring me a body and then well talk.

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