Monday, April 15, 2013

Evil or Angel?

 As a skeptical paranormal investigator, my mind automatically errors to the side of science and reason. As a child, I studied the Bible, went to church and Sunday school. As time went on, to quote Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons "Faith is a blessing I have yet to receive." Not to say I straight out don't believe God doesn't exist, I like to believe I am an open book yet to be written. Meaning I leave the possibility of all things spiritual to be true. In fact, I would love for everything Ive read to be true. This includes the subject of this post today, Demons.

On that note, this is in response to an article written on The question was raised that I find absolutely necessary for all people who believe in Demons to read and maybe just contemplate if nothing else. Here is the link to the article:

In the article the author is asking the age old question, is there true evil? Demons may do what you consider evil by scratching and possessing people, but are those  necessarily evil deeds to everyone? I liken this to One Mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter. I like the example on cannibalism in which I would consider that evil, but there are societies around the world that consider that a way of life. Does that make them evil? Obviously this depends on your moral compass but I know that I would not like to be eaten! (well I guess it depends on who's eating)

Since there is in fact no scientific evidence of demons, if they exist a thought I have is they may feed off of your stereo types. So in your head you're thinking that its something evil, and things are going to be thrown, etc so that's what it acts like. I wonder in fact that TV or stories of evil entities have influenced us so much that that's what we get. Have we then in fact created demons ourselves?

If we believe in the saying of One mans freedom fighter, is another mans Terrorist, could we make the argument that evil as a whole does not truly exist? Evil would actually have to be in the eye of the beholder kind of like beauty. As far as I know evil beings don't actually think they're evil, they think they are doing some good for someone or something somewhere. The we get into the same argument: To you that being may be evil, but to the people that support that being it is a hero.

I would not go as far as to call demonologists  all frauds. If we have created these beings and made them evil by them praying off our fears, then they in turn would be real. Demonologists would only be frauds if demons were found someday to not be real. Since I don't see that happening anytime soon, I think they're safe.

Now one last question before I go. If we can create evil entities by our thoughts and prejudices, if we learn to dispose of what we are pre-programmed with can we create demons that are loving?

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