Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haunted Toast?

When it comes to ghost hunting, most people are looking for some kind of evidence to validate and show their friends. Groups of Paranormal Investigators post images they've taken online to show the world in effort to give some kind of credibility and fame. You see on TV and in books pictures that are taken that are ghosts or spirits.

I have investigated with people that love to show off their ghost photos. They take random everyday pictures and blow them up and point out what theyre referring to. They show me a fuzzy part in the picture and say "Can't you see the eyes, nose, and mouth here?" Its seems like every photo they take has something in it like spirits are following them around everywhere they go. Sorry, I don't think the picture you took in the toilet has a spirit in it. I don't they want to see that. Umm... No . I can't see anything because theres nothing there.

If you want to see something in your pictures, or your towel, toast, etc then you'll see it. Im talking about the photos you see on TV and online with arrows pointing to the body parts of an apparition. Is there truly a spirits there? Sorry if I can't see it without the help of your arrows and blowing up the picture to form faces out of the dark, then I don't assume to think anything is there.

This phenomena is what we call 'Matrixing' or what is really known as Pareidolia. Pareidolia is an imagined perception of a pattern where it does not exist. 

Take the stories of people finding Jesus in their toast, or chairs. They are making something out of nothing. Their minds see a pattern and make pictures out of them. I too have done this when I was tired driving. I made a face out of the tail lights of the car in front of me. All Im trying to say is the mind can make patterns out of anything. Not to offend anyone, but do you think Jesus wants to hang out on your toast? Or your pan?

Again, this is why skeptics and non believers don't give us much respect. "All that fancy equipment and all you can capture is a fuzzy picture with a "ghost" so hard to see you have to edit arrows on him to point him out? Uh Huh." I try to remain open about everything but even I can't defend these kinds of pictures.

Not to pick on this picture but it is the perfect example. Someone blew up the picture and in order to point out the apparition they had to circle it. Was there really something there? I can't say obviously I wasn't there. In my opinion though there most likely wasn't anything there, as the person who "discovered" this was absolutely looking for a ghost and wanted to see one so much that their mind created this image. Did they debunk the tile not being stained like that? Granted since its pointed out I can say "Oh yeah. I see it". But if you gave me the actual photograph would I see it? Probably not.

Until next time, Ill keep on the look out for my haunted piece of toast.

Definition taken from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Pareidolia

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