Friday, April 12, 2013

Deep South Paranormal: An Unfortunate Review

I managed to catch the first episode of Deep South Paranormal on the SYFY Network. This new Ghost Hunter show takes place down in the south (duh hence the name) and plays up the Louisiana angle.

I usually get excited when a new show comes out, kinda hoping something different will be brought to life. Im the kind of person that is really interested in three things: Helping people, showing "true" ghost hunting and working towards getting scientific evidence of the hereafter. Now regardless of the reputation, y favorites include Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures. I can say at least Paranormal State tried to help people. They brought in people to help treat the family, and tried to get at the root cause of the problem. Ghost Adventures kind of shows the behind the scenes goofiness and some new technology that gets introduced into the field.

Unfortunately within about 15 minutes I was ready to change the channel. Literally. This is the same show as Ghost Hunters, GHI, Haunted Collector or (Insert show name here). The only thing that seems to be any different is the Louisiana connection. The annoying thing was the playing up of small occurrences to try to make the show scarier, like hearing noises in the ceiling and seeing hanging boards swinging (its a ghost!). One thing that I do not appreciate very much is the provoking unnecessarily. I have used this technique in the past and gotten very unwanted results, including being growled at, touched, and having things thrown. The show makes this out to be something that anyone should do to get a rise out of a "spirit". This can be dangerous and not to be attempted by anyone but a seasoned investigator.

Again they perpetuate the myth of tv ghost hunting by using k2 hits exclusively as evidence to the proof of the  paranormal. Im sorry but there was a scene where a investigator was on a cutting machine and he was using a thermal camera and he caught a glimpse of something and instead of trying to debunk it at all he over-reacted and called for backup. At this point I dont think I could keep my eyes from rolling.

I did however manage to make it through the entire episode, only to be further disappointed by the clips for next weeks show. Again, they're showing them being chased out of a building for the sake of ratings. Would I recommend this show and watch it again? The answer is an obvious NOPE. I have much better things I can be doing...Like watching paint dry.

*This show has been canceled. I'm guessing I wasn't the only one who didn't care for the show

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