Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tom Cruise Oblivion movie review

The latest Scientology movie is out...errr Tom Cruise movie. As I stated in the last review that the trailers can make anything look good. I bet if they made a movie about cutting grass they could still edit it to make people pay to see it. Well I have to admit that the trailer absolutely got me. There are a few Tom Cruise movies that I enjoy so its not like it was hard to convince me.

The story is as old as time. Aliens are invading the Earth, and there is a massive war to fight them off. Wait.. I think Ive seen this movie before? Truth is no you haven't. While the basic story has been rehashed a million times over, this one is different. There are twists and turn all over the place, enough to keep you guessing. I guess you could say same story different angle.

While Tom Cruise isn't spectacular in the movie, he doesn't ruin it either. I guess it's still better than having someone like Ben Affleck being the lead character. Morgan Freeman isn't a lead character in the movie, and isn't in it long enough to go see the movie just for him.  I personally found the rest of the acting in the movie to be so-so. Lets just say there won't be any academy awards in this movies future.

Despite everything I would recommend Oblivion if you are a huge Tom Cruise fan or Aliens killing everyone movie fan. Other than that there are probably other movies that are better worth your dollar. I do think the movie posters are cool though.

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