Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Origin Of Mankind? The Debate

The greatest debate ever. Where'd we come from? Kinda like what came first the chicken or the egg? This question has spawned a million Religions, and Origin stories. From Gods to Evolution to Aliens. Depending on how you look at it, there is evidence of all three. But what to believe in? Can you believe in more than one?

The majority of what you believe stems from what you were taught from birth. If you were raised religiously, then obviously God would be your answer. But what about those that become torn when exposed to the theory of Evolution? Sure there is some evidence for both, but notice its always those looking to prove the other wrong that discovers the evidence. I believe to some extent (much like Ghost Hunting) that people see what they want to see in order to prove their side. What ends up happening is a one sided closed minded view on 'History'. No one is willing to open their minds to the possibility that there could be another explanation to their evidence. They believe so much that no matter how much you show them they refuse to acknowledge. This is especially true with the touchy subject of Aliens on Earth.

Growing up I was dragged to church after church finding it hard to believe in these stories. Then one day my Father confessed to me that he believed that the origin of man came from...Aliens. This was hard for me to grasp coming from a war veteran. As I've grown Ive seen more and more evidence supporting this kind of thinking. This is evident if you read the histories of other cultures, even The Bible describes weird shapes and crafts in its stories. Even Ancient cities, buildings show signs of technology. The Sumerians, believed to be the first Civilization have written accounts of Aliens colonizing the Earth. IF you believe in these theories, I'm sure you've seen the show Ancient Aliens. Now what was said above still applies to these theories. In order to show everyone your theory is correct, you'll see what you want to see to create your own compelling evidence. As interesting as the show is, all it contains is conjecture and questions.

Do I believe they need to be explored? Of course. I don't discounted any Origin stories no matter how 'crazy' they may be just due to they might be true. If Scholars, Archaeologists, Bible Scholars and Alien Enthusiasts could all work together with open minds instead of all trying to disprove each other, we may get somewhere. I do have a question to pose to Alien Enthusiasts who say that there is not God or Evolution was impossible: If Aliens created us, Who created them?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aron Houdini: Fraud Fighter?

Last Night, 12/10/12, Aron Houdini was featured on the Paranormal Insider Radio, where he discussed in detail his war with Frauds.

Now I dont know anything about what he does for a living, or what hes done or been accused of in the past. There is a lot of what he said that I agree with, in fact hes stated exactly what Ive said in previous blogs and articles. His thoughts on the TV shows are very unique. He thinks they should state on their show that this is for entertainment purposes only and does not indicate how ghost hunting really is. That way people aren't going on these hunts expecting it to be like what they see on TV. "Any Paranormal Investigator knows what its really like, that most of the time absolutely nothing happens."

I also agree that everyone is open to the power of suggestion. He mentioned doing experiments with people he was investigating with, when without hearing anything he'd say "Did you hear that?" Of course, you'll hear someone say "Oh Yeah I saw that!" Automatically everything that person  says or does during that investigation becomes subject to skepticism.

We both agree that if you are faking evidence and trying to pass it off as real, or trying to say what you're doing is real when you know its not- either be honest and tell people that its just for entertainment, or you deserve to be outed. Now I know he has recently taken a lot of criticism for the way he goes about his mission. By attacking 'respected' members of the paranormal community, of course the community is going to ban together to protect their own, right or wrong.

While I dont agree with attacking people or places, I do believe that we all need to get back to our roots and go after the Frauds that give us all a bad name. What we ask our investigators to do is if you see something on an investigation, dont say anything unless someone else does. If youre going to host an investigation for money, if you're going to 'jazz' it up for your customers, let them know its for entertainment. Dont rip people off. Whats going to happen is no one is going to trust any Paranormal Groups TV or otherwise. Then were all screwed. No one will let us get in anywhere, buy any of your merchandise, watch your shows. Then What?

Roy SMFP-Managing Director Set Me Free Paranormal
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along?

                                      Can't We All Just Get Along?

I touched on this subject briefly in a previous blog entry.Today because of shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal State there are a plethora of Paranormal Groups. So to this we have thanks to give. We also have a big- WHY?

Now Im going on a limb here to assume the reason most of us got into this field is to either prove or disprove  the supernatural. Well there doesnt seem to be a lot of proving or disproving these days. These shows have given birth to the assumption based method.

Here is the definition in my own terms:
Assumption Method- Investigative means and "evidence" gathered that is derived from unproven techniques and methods to detect the paranormal.

We assume that ghosts change EMFs, leave messages on our recorders, appear as orbs, are cold spots, etc. People watch these shows and think that everything they see on them is correct and totally accurate. When they actually get to go on an investigation they're surprised to find out that this is sometimes like watching paint dry.

To answer another of the WHY? statements, take Twitter for example. If you follow groups, and even TV shows no one discusses breakthroughs or ways to further the research of the paranormal along. Instead what you find is really disappointing-Everyone is on trying to pimp their next video, or product for sale. Most of these TV shows wont even respond unless your asking about a product or telling them how much you love them (muah). Its almost like this has turned into the race to secure the next TV deal or book deal. Even the groups who have created new equipment, ways to investigate or have made a breakthrough won't share with you.  How are we supposed to do this? Its almost like this is clan versus clan for utter survival. Where did we go wrong?

I had an experience with this first hand the other day, when trying to keep in touch with ex members who decided to start their own group. In the interest of keeping the AZ Paranormal Community together as much as possible, I offered link exchanges, and maybe some info exchange. As a response I got the old cold shoulder and you have your group and we have ours old mentality.

The only way that the Paranormal is going to be explained is if we the Paranormal Community band together and get passed the 'Mine Get Your Own' Category. Information sharing is how things are done. Someone from another State may see something you've started from another perspective and BOOM we have a massive breakthrough. Please everyone get beyond the TV and Book Deals and remind yourselves why we got into this in the first place. We shouldn't even have to have groups, let alone groups fighting with each other. Can't We All Just Get Along?

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." - Robert F. Kennedy

Roy SMFP-Managing Director/Team Lead/Webmaster
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Monday, December 3, 2012

But Seriously..There's a Fun Side

We all like to have fun. We all like to laugh and have a great time with friends. If we didn't, why would we need to leave the house?

Everyone would have you believe that during investigations, and after that everything has to be so serious. SSH! We have to be serious or the spirits wont communicate! Which most of us should know that that's not true whatsoever.

I know among all the bickering about what is real or not, what we can debunk, equipment, I think we all lose track of what this is to most people. A Hobby. We are supposed to enjoy hobbies. Anyone who is in a group or has been, knows that this is a hobby that can turn into a lot of work, time and money being wasted. But there should still be fun involved somewhere.

No matter where we're at, Im goofy. Its a natural thing, because I love to laugh. Many times I have a song stuck in my head so you might catch me kinda dancing. Say what you want, But Im just trying a new experiment! Yeah Yeah that's what Im doing! I'm trying to get a spirit to come dance with me. Now I dont do this on purpose, as too much fun will indeed ruin an investigation and I'm sure your group will get deemed as unprofessional. I'm just saying that if something funny happens, well life happens. People laugh. That's the spice of life and I enjoy letting it happen. If you watch our videos on YouTube  you"ll frequently catch me tripping or bumping into something. Sorry I don't edit things out, so you might deem it unprofessional. I don't. That's the way I am.

Now I know some of you have stories about your funny moments or your "paranormal" body functions that have happened at the wrong time. Hey its okay to laugh, sometimes for ten minutes. Yes get your senses back and continue on, but you now have a life long story.

Just dont forget why we got into this in the first place. Whether its ghosts or UFOs, we do this to satisfy our curiosity and to have fun while doing it.  I don't think the Aliens would mind if you're laughing while watching them. How do you know ghosts aren't laughing at you stumbling around trying to 'catch' them? So my question to you would be


Roy SMFP-Managing Director
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