Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Origin Of Mankind? The Debate

The greatest debate ever. Where'd we come from? Kinda like what came first the chicken or the egg? This question has spawned a million Religions, and Origin stories. From Gods to Evolution to Aliens. Depending on how you look at it, there is evidence of all three. But what to believe in? Can you believe in more than one?

The majority of what you believe stems from what you were taught from birth. If you were raised religiously, then obviously God would be your answer. But what about those that become torn when exposed to the theory of Evolution? Sure there is some evidence for both, but notice its always those looking to prove the other wrong that discovers the evidence. I believe to some extent (much like Ghost Hunting) that people see what they want to see in order to prove their side. What ends up happening is a one sided closed minded view on 'History'. No one is willing to open their minds to the possibility that there could be another explanation to their evidence. They believe so much that no matter how much you show them they refuse to acknowledge. This is especially true with the touchy subject of Aliens on Earth.

Growing up I was dragged to church after church finding it hard to believe in these stories. Then one day my Father confessed to me that he believed that the origin of man came from...Aliens. This was hard for me to grasp coming from a war veteran. As I've grown Ive seen more and more evidence supporting this kind of thinking. This is evident if you read the histories of other cultures, even The Bible describes weird shapes and crafts in its stories. Even Ancient cities, buildings show signs of technology. The Sumerians, believed to be the first Civilization have written accounts of Aliens colonizing the Earth. IF you believe in these theories, I'm sure you've seen the show Ancient Aliens. Now what was said above still applies to these theories. In order to show everyone your theory is correct, you'll see what you want to see to create your own compelling evidence. As interesting as the show is, all it contains is conjecture and questions.

Do I believe they need to be explored? Of course. I don't discounted any Origin stories no matter how 'crazy' they may be just due to they might be true. If Scholars, Archaeologists, Bible Scholars and Alien Enthusiasts could all work together with open minds instead of all trying to disprove each other, we may get somewhere. I do have a question to pose to Alien Enthusiasts who say that there is not God or Evolution was impossible: If Aliens created us, Who created them?

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