Monday, March 18, 2013

Sanctuary No more

We all tend to do it. Believe that what we see on TV is actually the way things happen. We forget that things are swayed to be more entertaining or details getting left out due to time constraints, etc. You dont get to see the after effects of what doing this does to some of the personalities at home.

We watch all the Paranormal shows on TV that trivialize 'ghost hunting' and make it look as if its safe for just anyone to purchase some equipment and go investigate! While I do encourage people who are curious to decide and find things out on their own, I do caution everyone who is interested in doing this. Please do some research before doing your first investigation. Look into what can happen when spirits and demons follow you home. It is not pleasant. Your sanctuary gets taken away from you and your home turns into a battleground. Instead of going to places to investigate and then just being able to leave and go home, you are now confronted 24/7.

Contact any serious Paranormal Investigator or Paranormal Team and Im sure that at least a few of them can regale you with stories of spirits following them home. Im sure that none of them are good. I've met several people that have been dealing with this for years. Some cases are small. I myself have been touched, heard footsteps, banging and had food thrown. That's really nothing compared to what you'll hear from others. Especially if you have children at home. They can be an easy target for spirits.

Now please dont think Im trying to scare you away from doing this. Im just trying to make you aware of the potential life changing events that can arise from this lifestyle. If you do decide to pursue this, take caution and the necessary steps to protect yourself. Blessing yourself and holy water does not protect you from spirits following you home.

You need to know that every time you go out on an investigation, or to a private home to help, you are putting yourself in danger. There are many life long investigators that choose to live alone due to the danger of spirits following and hurting the ones they love.

Please be careful, and happy hunting.


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