Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aron Houdini: Fraud Fighter?

Last Night, 12/10/12, Aron Houdini was featured on the Paranormal Insider Radio, where he discussed in detail his war with Frauds.

Now I dont know anything about what he does for a living, or what hes done or been accused of in the past. There is a lot of what he said that I agree with, in fact hes stated exactly what Ive said in previous blogs and articles. His thoughts on the TV shows are very unique. He thinks they should state on their show that this is for entertainment purposes only and does not indicate how ghost hunting really is. That way people aren't going on these hunts expecting it to be like what they see on TV. "Any Paranormal Investigator knows what its really like, that most of the time absolutely nothing happens."

I also agree that everyone is open to the power of suggestion. He mentioned doing experiments with people he was investigating with, when without hearing anything he'd say "Did you hear that?" Of course, you'll hear someone say "Oh Yeah I saw that!" Automatically everything that person  says or does during that investigation becomes subject to skepticism.

We both agree that if you are faking evidence and trying to pass it off as real, or trying to say what you're doing is real when you know its not- either be honest and tell people that its just for entertainment, or you deserve to be outed. Now I know he has recently taken a lot of criticism for the way he goes about his mission. By attacking 'respected' members of the paranormal community, of course the community is going to ban together to protect their own, right or wrong.

While I dont agree with attacking people or places, I do believe that we all need to get back to our roots and go after the Frauds that give us all a bad name. What we ask our investigators to do is if you see something on an investigation, dont say anything unless someone else does. If youre going to host an investigation for money, if you're going to 'jazz' it up for your customers, let them know its for entertainment. Dont rip people off. Whats going to happen is no one is going to trust any Paranormal Groups TV or otherwise. Then were all screwed. No one will let us get in anywhere, buy any of your merchandise, watch your shows. Then What?

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