Monday, December 3, 2012

But Seriously..There's a Fun Side

We all like to have fun. We all like to laugh and have a great time with friends. If we didn't, why would we need to leave the house?

Everyone would have you believe that during investigations, and after that everything has to be so serious. SSH! We have to be serious or the spirits wont communicate! Which most of us should know that that's not true whatsoever.

I know among all the bickering about what is real or not, what we can debunk, equipment, I think we all lose track of what this is to most people. A Hobby. We are supposed to enjoy hobbies. Anyone who is in a group or has been, knows that this is a hobby that can turn into a lot of work, time and money being wasted. But there should still be fun involved somewhere.

No matter where we're at, Im goofy. Its a natural thing, because I love to laugh. Many times I have a song stuck in my head so you might catch me kinda dancing. Say what you want, But Im just trying a new experiment! Yeah Yeah that's what Im doing! I'm trying to get a spirit to come dance with me. Now I dont do this on purpose, as too much fun will indeed ruin an investigation and I'm sure your group will get deemed as unprofessional. I'm just saying that if something funny happens, well life happens. People laugh. That's the spice of life and I enjoy letting it happen. If you watch our videos on YouTube  you"ll frequently catch me tripping or bumping into something. Sorry I don't edit things out, so you might deem it unprofessional. I don't. That's the way I am.

Now I know some of you have stories about your funny moments or your "paranormal" body functions that have happened at the wrong time. Hey its okay to laugh, sometimes for ten minutes. Yes get your senses back and continue on, but you now have a life long story.

Just dont forget why we got into this in the first place. Whether its ghosts or UFOs, we do this to satisfy our curiosity and to have fun while doing it.  I don't think the Aliens would mind if you're laughing while watching them. How do you know ghosts aren't laughing at you stumbling around trying to 'catch' them? So my question to you would be


Roy SMFP-Managing Director
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