Friday, November 9, 2012

Avoid Pitfalls of Equipment

Popular ghost hunting equipment. Made popular by TV. We all own some of this equipment. I do believe it has a place in this field, the only problem is that we totally rely on unsubstantiated equipment. This is what is called the Assumption method. Were assuming this equipment does what it says it does.

We can use this equipment to help assist with our investigation but because it is not scientifically proven to detect ghosts, we cannot totally rely on it. There is no proof that ghosts use electrical energy or leave cold spots. EVPs: I know this might make some of you upset. Although I have also captured voices on my digital recorder, there is no evidence these are spirits or ghosts. EMF detectors: these devices are used to detect energy output. Really calibrated to be used to detect the ranges in a dwelling, we assume that if it goes up when there is no energy that its a ghost.

The only pieces of equipment you can really use would be a camera, and camcorder. These could show hard evidence if a shadow figure shows or something moves. Even your eyes can play tricks on you if youre sitting in the dark. You will see shadows that aren't there. Then you're going to tell everyone about your personal experiences sighting shadows that weren't there. This would lead to claiming someplace is haunted when it indeed may not be. Even hearing things can play tricks on you as you may think you hear voices when its a ice maker.  I think the worst piece I've ever come across is the Ovilus. I understand the attempt to relay electrical signals into words, but more research is needed before I believe this can be used. Most of the time it spits out random words that people string together to make a sentence. You've seen these used on TV, and maybe even in your own group. There is usually one or more that does this, which again can lead to calling a place haunted when its not.

If all evidence is based off this equipment, the scientific community will never take this field seriously. We need to constantly trying new things and experiments. All it takes is to modify a piece of equipment marginally. Changing a flashlight to a touch lamp, or coming up with new ways to use whats already out there. Try investigating during the day, or leaving the lights on at night. This would eliminate seeing shadows that aren't there. It may not be as creepy, but it also gives a better chance to debunk the claim being able to see what you're actually doing. The more we know about the history of the equipment we use, the brighter the future may be as we can use the equipment properly and advance it the way the original inventor may have intended it. Read the history of EVPs. You may then realize that while the SB7 can be a good device, maybe a short wave radio that was used in some of the original experiments would be better. Instead of skipping through radio frequencies, all you really need is white noise on one station. This can even work with TVs.

Every time I'm asked what equipment someone should buy, I tell them a camera camcorder and some common sense. So let's keep this in mind when investigating and remember what they equipment you have actually does. Remember that TV is not real life, if it was we'd be able to jump from building to building, and always defeat the bad guy in style and get the girl.

Roy SMFP-Managing Director Set Me Free Paranormal

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