Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Differences ghost hunting and investigating 11/7

To start, I would like to discuss the paranormal investigator, ghost hunter difference so people aren't confused, or even those of you interested in becoming investigators. There is a difference between the two. As most of you have come across this or our website because you have watched Ghost Hunters, or Ghost Adventures, or any other of the numerous ghost TV shows.

A Ghost Hunter is someone who is just interested in seeing ghosts. Whether just to prove to themselves that they do in fact exist, or to try and score themselves their own TV show (which I would estimate most people fall in this category). People in this category don’t usually last as long due to the fact that it can take a long time to see a "ghost" or "spirit". So most of the people here will pay to go to the places they see on TV hoping to see and hear the same things they did on TV. Well, I hate to disappoint anyone, but nothing is what it seems like on TV.  Much like reality TV if you really got to see Kim Ks life, you wouldn't watch because it’s not exciting to see. So they jazz it up for TV to get you to keep coming back week after week. Meaning, sometimes they create voices, or objects moving to make it seem like they caught something when in fact there was nothing. I would say sometimes it’s the equivalent of watching paint dry. You might investigate the same building several times and get nothing. Then, hey you catch an EVP or hear or see something. It is a very hit or miss field.

Sure Paranormal Investigators or researchers can also be trying to satisfy their curiosity of life after death, but  also there to help those plagued by the unknown. Researchers are also here to help further the field and develop better technology to better assist in communication. As some call the field assumption based investigations, researchers hope to turn this into a fact and proof based field. When I say assumption based I mean we are assuming ghosts are orbs, or EVPs are ghosts, or Ovilus work, etc.

Investigators are the ones who take emergency calls from businesses and families suffering from the paranormal in their lives. They respond in the hopes they can first debunk and then help the family. They collect evidence and decide whether or not there is something there, and then will go from there. I myself am a skeptic. I go into every investigation looking to debunk first.

To those looking to become investigators, please be aware that this is filed is nothing to take lightly. Even in a very commercial haunting, ghost can attach themselves to you and follow you home. If you are unprepared, they can really affect your life. While this field can be exiting, it can take a long time to get into a group. If it is something you are really interested in, do research, and stay the course and eventually you will find what you are looking for.

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