Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Hello friends, today I feel the need to address the Skeptic non-skeptic topic. This can really split a group of you dont know how to address it, Every time you have a group of people together there are always going to be differences of opinions, and the best groups and people learn to respect all opinions.

If you're like me, you try to keep an open mind, but approaching a case I try to debunk everything and research what I can't explain. I respect everyone's thoughts whether I agree with them or not. As much as I want to believe everything in this field, my scientific brain won't let me. But, even I can say this to all skeptics: Just because you can't explain it or see it, doesnt mean its not there. Take nature for example. You're sitting in a grove of trees, thinking how beautiful it is. What you dont see are all the insects crawling around eating each other, birds building nests, and all the little things that happen to sustain those trees. When you're outside, you can;t see them but you're surrounded by all the energy and sound waves created by traffic, electricity. Just because you can't see things things happening or floating around in the air, doesn't mean they're not there. Just because you dont understand or cant see what mediums see, doesnt mean it's not possible.

But to Paranormal Investigators. You give skeptics more and more ammo. Take shadow figures for example. Sitting in the dark on an investigation, you see something moving. Do you really? Be aware that yes there may be something there, but sitting in the dark really plays with your eyes. Why not turn the lights on? If there are truly shadow figures, wouldnt you see them with the lights on? This is the kind of ammo given to skeptics. So the same goes for you. If someone is a skeptic and happens to rip apart your evidence, don't get upset. This is not a proven Science. 

In reality, I am one of the biggest skeptics you'll probably meet in this field, but I keep an open mind. To discover, further research and help those in need is why I'm here. If I closed my mind off to these things I'd never get anywhere. So when those you know or even those in your group say they've seen things, etc please dont automatically shut them down. If we did that all the time, we wouldnt have half the technology and spiritual expertise we have.

Roy SMFP-Managing Director/Team Lead/Webmaster

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