Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ghostland Tennessee..Seen It Yet? Wish I Hadn't

Ghostland Tennessee....As a "writer" as well as a paranormal investigator I try to remain neutral when watching paranormal television. In this instance however my neutrality lasted about 5 minutes before it changed into "Ghostland Tennessee is whats wrong with paranormal television shows." I now consider this the front runner in terrible television.

As I have previously discussed in reviews, many paranormal groups have adopted their standards for paranormal investigation from paranormal television. Same ideas will be adopted by people interested in the paranormal, even clients.

Ghostland Tennessee takes your stereo typical investigation and amplifies it several times over.

Before the investigation even begins, the group lets them know that they believe its a spirit that's attached itself to the family. Of course after that everyone starts to spout the paranormal's most common phrase: "It's Demonic." All of this occurs before the investigation ever takes place...

The K2 meter for example, should not be used during investigations. The K2 meter can give false positives depending on the location of the building being investigated. Ghostland Tennessee chooses to ignore this and uses them for the investigation. Whether aware or not, the group perpetuates the idea that every flicker is a spirit trying to communicate. If you own a K2 or are interested in it, do yourself a favor and research them. Here I am almost assuming they do not know how to use them properly.

So many people may not know about the Devils Toybox. Ghostland Tennessee uses it as a ghost trap, and claims to have actually caught something inside. This would be the first time I have ever heard of something being trapped inside. Thousands of investigators have assembled these devices and tried them out, to no avail. Ghostland Tennessee apparently appears to have been the first group to capture something, and on television no less!

I always have a hangup about trying to provoke a "spirit" in someone's home. All it takes is someone stirring up whatever is there and leaving, then the residents have to pay the price of your actions. Please think it through before this is done. Ghostland would have everyone believe this is an acceptable practice. This is most definitely not.

Beware to people that watch paranormal television shows, that these should be taken as entertainment only. Unfortunately, they are not. Just because Ghostland Tennessee chooses to use a Devil's Toybox or discuss with a client what is in the building before and investigation doesn't mean anyone should.

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