Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are Ghosts Actually Ghosts at All?

People all over the world are following the "assumed" theories of what ghosts are. They follow the religious belief of angels and demons and souls being trapped on Earth. Are we at least considering other ideas?

Purposing new ideas is not always met with open arms. People want to believe what they've been taught to believe, especially if it aligns with their religious beliefs. To question the assumed theory can mean fights and arguments even among the closest of friends.

Knowing this, let's purpose some ideas. The dead souls of the world outnumber the living 10 million to one, just to throw some numbers out. Given this amount, wouldn't it make sense for "hauntings" to be more common? Especially in areas where people have been living and dying for thousands of years. The land would have more history than a ghost or two would make sense for. Take the Eastern part where the Civil War occurred. So many souls escaped their vessels and yet are there sightings on a mass scale seen on the land? So many traumatic deaths, wouldn't mass hauntings be a realistic idea?

Why are homes usually the places haunted? There should be hauntings and ghosts everywhere. People had tragic things happen to them long before roads and buildings were built. Arizona has had a long history of Cowboys, Indians, and Hispanic wars and bloodshed. With an area teaming with such outrage and traumatic loss of life, there doesn't seem to be as many hauntings and stories as one might assume. Not only that, why aren't more seen visually?

Anyone who has ever done private investigations will admit that usually very little happens. Yet the homeowner(s) will usually tell vivid tales of very active spirits. Yet with thousands of investigations occurring, there is still very little "reliable" evidence that spirits are inhabiting these homes. In most cases no evidence at all is captured.

 Take the numbers for Demons as well. With thousands of Demons, wouldn't demon possession be more common? It doesn't make sense that possession would be as rare as it seems. So why does it seem to happen so rarely? Demonologists give percentages in the .01-.09 that the hauntings are demonic.

Like the supernatural fictional television shows, paranormal activity should be very common with entities and spirits everywhere. With the upsurge in paranormal investigators odds are someone by now would have caught the holy grail of proof.

Is there a chance that not all of what we see or hear are not in fact ghosts in the traditional sense?

Roy Weedmark is the owner of, and Paranormal Discord. Paranormal Discord is an attempt to poke fun of the dysfunctional world we call ghost hunting.

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