Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stalked By a Ghost

Stalked By a Ghost a new series on the BIO channel. Stalked By a Ghost highlights the terrifying tales of people being haunted and attacked by spirits in their own homes. The stories in the first episode are everything a malevolent spirit should be, ranging from throwing items, to attacking people in their sleep. 

Finally after the tales, a psychic comes to help the victim by trying to get rid of the malevolent spirits, instead of a more legitimate course of action. 

Could it be that just the mere use of someones force against the spirit energy can cause the spirit to leave? Perhaps why the homeowner telling the spirit to leave sometimes works best. 


  1. "Stalked by a Ghost" seemed a bit contrived to me.

  2. I need help im being stalked... he wont leave me alone..