Friday, May 24, 2013

Haunted Collector? Really?

As I’m watching the not so new show The Haunted Collector I cant help but wonder, do they hand pick places that they think have haunted items, or do they plant them? I seemingly doubt that it would be that easy to find places that happen to be haunted by items. Trust me it doesn't happen as often as they may make it seem. Let alone they seem to find the item in a night or two, which really doesn't happen in real investigations. Let alone find the exact item and having the client let you take it such things don’t really happen without priority agreements or false placement.

Most times in investigations we tell the clients that it usually takes a few investigations to really be able to determine what they are experiencing, and how to get rid of it. I've had some clients where it took three or four investigations to even capture anything.

Now I can’t say that this is what’s going on, as John is supposed to be a reputable member of the paranormal community. But I can’t help but ask those questions and I always bring up the fact that these shows always seem to find evidence when there are plenty of times you can travel to a known haunted place and get nothing.

This again just like my review of Deep South Paranormal, these are the things that give us a bad name as the paranormal community. First these shows are not any different from each other, they make it seem like you’ll always get evidence every time you go out. People, this is simply not true. Most of the time it’s like watching paint dry. You may get nothing at all for eight hours. You may get one noise, or you may have an evening so packed that it forever changes your life.

Needless to say just as I have stopped watching The DSP show, this one is next. There are only so many crappy shows I can fit into my schedule. 

A Haunted House 2013 Review

Do you like scary haunting movies? I know I do..But you wont find it here. If you love spoofs of those scary haunting movies then look no further! A Haunted House is a spoof of you guessed it- Paranormal Activity. If either spoofs or Paranormal Activity are not your kind of movies then I would suggest you go ahead and move on.

Marlon Wayans (not my fav but will do) stars in this over the top spoof of a often confusing series. I usually have reservations about these kinds of movies, and by this I mean I dont usually like spoofs of any kind whatsoever. But after just a few minutes of watching you can see that they've kept it from being totally stupid (still pretty stupid just not totally).  I did find myself repeatedly laughing my butt off during A Haunted House and did enjoy myself watching it very much. Although there really isnt a plot here that you haven't seen if you've seen the Paranormal Activity movies, I still wont give any of the scenes away as they are worth watching.

I know this is going to be a short review, but theres not a whole lot to say besides watch it. I think youll enjoy it if you like the Wayans style of comedy, haunted movies, or along this genre.

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Please know how to use a KII

Hey it’s our favorite paranormal tool! It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that spirits exist....Hate to ruin your moment in the sun, but while this can be a useful tool for the paranormal it does not prove anything in the way of spirits. Before I start getting emails from people trying to prove otherwise let me explain.

KII meters or EMF detectors come in many shapes sizes and forms. They all serve the same purpose. I've heard explanations like the one with the lights is for ghost hunting while the other ones are used for measuring EMF. Well, unless you have one that dismisses the A/C portion they all do the same thing. Yes the lights make it easier to see with the lights out. There are many different types of meters, and before you buy one you need to understand something. They have different ranges. Some are more sensitive than others, some are better used stationary than others, some need to be calibrated.

The most common KII meter used is the type with the colored bulbs that increase when EMF is nearby. These are good for finding areas with high EMF fields but the drawback is that you can’t tell how high as there is no graph to show you.
Many people use these to try to communicate with spirits, and fly off the handle when it spikes. "Ghost!" maybe. Probably not. Why? Well these meters are sensitive to everything from cell phones, radios, garage door openers, Wi-Fi and a whole range of other things you'd never guess. I have demonstrated this to people before by using a cell phone nearby. If you're like me I cannot turn off my cell phone, so if you're holding a meter and you receive a text it can make your meter spike. A very common thing today is for places to have wireless internet. Well, Wi-Fi can make your meter jump as well. Always something you should ask before you investigate.

There are those meters than are more expensive. What are the differences? Ranges and the difference between Single Axis and Tri-axis meters. Tri axis will catch more than your standard meter, but do cost usually over $150. But read carefully as some of these meters need to be calibrated and they are charged for.

The best one I've seen is the Mel Meter. It has an EMF, Temp gauge, light and a whole host of other tools. It does need to be calibrated but the company does it for free. This tool can be found for a whole range of prices but I still recommend researching.

Make sure before you spend your hard earned money on equipment, make sure you do your homework and not just buy things because you've seen it on TV or your friends have it.

The moral to this short outburst is to ensure we are using the tools provided to us the right way, and know that just because it goes off doesn't mean it’s paranormal.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Classifications of Hauntings UnHollywood Style

Movies, TV and even books can make you forget your rational thought when confronted with something you cannot readily explain. We always recommend trying to find the causes to things you may hear or see before considering a place to be haunted. If after investigating you cannot explain things still, here is a quick reference guide for the classifications of a haunting. Note: We do not recommend doing paranormal investigations on your own residence unless you know what you're doing. You can mistakenly and unknowingly make things a lot worse.

There are many different classifications for a haunted place. I'm sure for those of us that are fans of some paranormal TV shows know some about this subject. Well, maybe some of the basics as the answers to the different kinds of hauntings and how to identify them vary greatly depending on who you ask. Now keep in mind that all of these are Theories, as nothing has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

A Residual haunting is best described as a movie. No matter how many times you see it, it never changes. The outcome stays the same, and the movie doesn't know you're watching it. These scenes can play out daily, weekly but are usually at the same time every time. Theories can range from DNA being transferred to an object or place from a traumatic event, to a spirit being stuck and having to play out the same scene over and over.

An Intelligent haunting is typically considered to be a ghost, spirit, or otherworldly being that knows you’re present and can respond to you. They can make noises, move things etc. Now these types of hauntings are not typically what you see on TV or in the movies, as nothing is going to grab you and pull you down the hallway. These entities are usually non violent and may be lost, relatives, projections, you name it. There are even theories that these types don’t even need to be a dead person, but can be living projections.
Sub Categories? Why not? There are both what’s called Benevolent and Malevolent spirits. These are basically good and bad spirits. Can you have both at the same place? Absolutely. For good cannot exist without evil. This is just another classification of an intelligent haunting, a way of going into further detail.

Here are some tools you can use to identify an Intelligent haunting:

Yes you can use a KII. Unless it responds directly to your questions, you should dismiss any other activity.
You can also use audio recorders, and there are different ways to use them as well as different classifications for voices you can capture.
There are under used items such as the touch lamp, and the Mag Lite flashlights. If the touch lamp turns on there is less doubt than the KII. The flashlight on the other hand is somewhat controversial. This tool again, can only be used if it is responding directly to questions being asked. Too many people use these and the KII and take every light or response to be paranormal.

Poltergeists! Scary! Again, don’t let the movies and TV shows get to you. Unlike the movie Poltergeist these hauntings are usually caused by the subject themselves. Per the Parapsychologist handbook, there are two different classifications of Poltergeists. The first is caused by someone under lots of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. These types of stresses can cause someone to unknowingly move something with their mind, project their feelings outward in the form of a mist, sometimes even an entity. It doesn't even have to be that extreme.
The second classification is an actual ghost.

Demonic. These happen much less than you may realize. Most cases where there is said to be a demonic presence there is someone under tons of stress, a teenager undergoing the pains of growing into an adult, or a bad marriage. In these cases it is usually classified under the poltergeist. But, there are the few that have a demon waiting in the wings with the foul odors, unexplained evil, occult practice, and by some standards devil worship. Again this occurs probably in 1% of all cases. The same would go for possession. What is thought to be possession in most cases is not in fact.

These are the simple classifications and start to some tools you can use. Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!