Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First Ghost Adventure

My very first investigation I showed up with my digital SLR camera and an audio recorder I had just recently purchased. After a brief tour, I placed my audio recorder by the blood stains in the back of a nearby room.

We gathered the rest of our equipment and sat in a large circle in the middle of the game room, which was the largest room of the house. For awhile, we sat in the dark asking questions in typical ghost hunter fashion. Finally, an investigator starts to whisper that she starting to see shadows in a room next to ours. Right around that time people started to say they were catching orbs in their photos.

After about another hour or so, an investigator on the right of me said that something tugged on his arm and about the same time I looked to the left of him and saw a dissipating white mist.

We decide to get up and change rooms. I wandered over to the same room where the shadows were seen. I stopped right at the outside of the room and continued to stand there just looking into the room. The other investigators came over and asked why I just don't go in/? I shook my head no and said there's no way I'm going in there. No anyone who knows me knows I don't shy away from things very often.

Finally with two other members, we went in. Whole they were talking about the history of the room, I felt a heaviness like walking through a fog while walking to the back wall of the room. I leaned against the back wall while never taking my eyes off the walk-in closet. "Whats wrong?" They asked. "There's something in the closet staring at us." Now I don't claim to be sensitive or psychic in any way so this feeling was very new to me. So we took our pictures and left the room.

We were walking through the hallway and into the kitchen. One of the investigators stopped right after walking into the kitchen and had his back to the hallway.I was facing him and we were speaking about what we were going to do next. I could easily see the pantry behind him. All of a sudden a huge tall shadow shot up behind him and I could no longer see the pantry. All I could see was a black figure that seemed very wavy in nature. I saw him stiffen and straighten up, I then grabbed his arm and whispered to him that it was behind him. We slowly backed farther into the kitchen. It continued to stand there for several minutes. It continued to follow us around all night, and when it was there all the other shadows that we were seeing earlier in the night were gone.

I woke up in the morning and my wife asked if I had bruises on the inside bicep of my left arm. I said no and continued downstairs. Once I got into the light she said if I was sure. I looked down at my arm and saw a miniature hand print on my bicep. It was so detailed that you could see each pad on the hand. I got her to quickly take photos. She managed to get around 6 to 7 photos before it disappeared.

Later that day, I was reviewing my audio recorder and caught several EVPS. In one, we are heard talking in
the game room and in the middle of us talking you hear a scratching noise over and over. I slowed the audio down and what can clearly be heard is "Get Out! Get Out! Get Out!"

Half way through the investigation I moved my audio recorder to the other side of the house and left it in a bedroom. Some time later, a voice is clearly heard saying the name of an investigator and telling them to get out.

Now this is my first investigation. My first encounter with the paranormal. I will not ever claim anything to be a ghost, but just from my first encounter I can say there is something out there. I had many more experiences just from this location as we investigated it many times, and I will write more stories in entries to come

Roy-Tech Manager at thecopsrew.com

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  1. may you post the pictures of your arm and maybe even the recordings you were speaking about?