Thursday, April 23, 2015

Survivorman Bigfoot with Les Stroud

The debate over the largely mysterious Bigfoot gets yet another spark with the new series Survivorman Bigfoot. The Bigfoot series a spin-off of the hit television series Survivorman with Les Stroud. Survivorman was similar in nature to Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls, with little differences. Les Stroud didn't have a camera crew following him like Bear Grylls does, he was out in the wilderness, stranded by himself.

Survivorman Bigfoot is the same concept, except now Les Stroud is on the prowl for Bigfoot in various locations.

More so than the constant Bigfoot endeavor, Les Stroud seems to take a realistic approach to locating the legendary creature, to a point. Les Stroud does raise the question, "Where did the idea of Bigfoot living in a cave come from? Why do they need to live in caves?" There are a few other examples of Les questioning the "accepted" myth; more of this is needed, as more advancement can be made by continuing to challenge the norm.

There were some interesting theories brought forth during the show, from Bigfoot lookouts to organized government assassinations of Bigfoot herds. Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with conspiracy gold like that, probably expanding and creating newly accepted theories.

Anyone who is familiar with paranormal investigating can relate to the show a tad, where Les states that Bigfoot hunters don't share information with each other, much to the detriment of the field. Anything related to paranormal study can only be advanced if people can get together and exchange ideas, no matter how crazy the ideas are.

Hopefully, Les Stroud can continue to further the exposure to new theories, and question the usual practice. Is it possible Les Stroud can be the bridge between Bigfoot investigators?

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