Friday, January 24, 2014

Electromagnetic Fog

We live in a world full of the best conveniences TV, cars, radio, microwave ovens, Internet, WiFi, cell phones. The good thing is that we have very easy and enjoyable lives due to the massive advances in technology. The trade off we get is what I like to call electromagnetic fog.

We unknowingly are surrounded by dangerous levels of EMF that can cause some serious health risks. Knowledge is necessary to protect ourselves and our families in the future from this.

Anyone who has ever seen a ghost hunting show on TV will know what an EMF meter is. An EMF meter is used to measure the electromagnetic field in the atmosphere, or "communicate" with spirits. What these actually should be utilized for is sweeping a property to measure the levels of EMF. Every household appliance radiates EMF though the levels should be minuscule. Use these meters to move around the property and carefully measure each source of electricity.

Concentrating on the EMF, also as seen and pointed out on TV that buildings with older or poorly shielded wiring can be the cause of high EMF. WiFi can also cause EMF, improperly grounded electrical, electrical boxes and cell phones to name is few. This can cause the creepy feeling people feel, nausea, and paranoia. This usually is used to explain away (debunk) most paranormal experiences people may have.

What most people don't know is repeated exposure to higher amounts of EMF is linked to but not limited to cancer, miscarriage, breast cancer, depression, and suicide. When paranormal teams find levels like this in someone's home, there now in lies a responsibility to inform the homeowner.

People are encouraged to measure EMF in their homes. Not only for the sake of the paranormal. There are websites dedicated to explaining EMF in detail and how to minimize the exposure to it.

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