Sunday, January 26, 2014

Devils Due..Review

Devils Due is the new paranormal demon movie to hit the theatres. Devils Due is basically Rosemary's Baby reimagined. The movie follows a newly married couple who goes on their honeymoon and the crazy events that happen.

The plot is nothing new, its not even as good a Rosemary's Baby done in 1968. Its the same possessed person who gets crazy and kills everyone plot. About halfway through the movie I remember wanting the movie to be over, which is unusual due to the fact I love the horror, paranormal movie genre.

The camera work is done in the same tired first person view started by Blair Witch Project, just without the steadycam on. Anyone who gets nauseous with shaky camera work should avoid this movie at all costs. I usually can deal with first person and got nauseous during this movie.

In the end, I believe the Devil owes me my money back.

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