Sunday, September 29, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2

Finally the sequel to one of the better paranormal movies is here! If you haven't seen the first Insidious I highly recommend it. Its not your typical horror movie whatsoever and may spark a new generation of Horror movies.

The first installment of this series followed a family who the father and son have the ability to astral project. Without giving it away, they can go into the spirit realm, where spirits can see you've left your body and it becomes a race to make it back before they do!

A breath of fresh air is exactly what this genre needed and exactly what this series brings. The second installment begins where the first left off and goes into detail about the history of the family.

While not as good as the original (as they hardly ever are), Insidious Chapter 2 still brings the scares without the gore which is also a breath of fresh air. This thoughtful and highly original series should be on everyone's watch list!

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