Sunday, September 29, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2

Finally the sequel to one of the better paranormal movies is here! If you haven't seen the first Insidious I highly recommend it. Its not your typical horror movie whatsoever and may spark a new generation of Horror movies.

The first installment of this series followed a family who the father and son have the ability to astral project. Without giving it away, they can go into the spirit realm, where spirits can see you've left your body and it becomes a race to make it back before they do!

A breath of fresh air is exactly what this genre needed and exactly what this series brings. The second installment begins where the first left off and goes into detail about the history of the family.

While not as good as the original (as they hardly ever are), Insidious Chapter 2 still brings the scares without the gore which is also a breath of fresh air. This thoughtful and highly original series should be on everyone's watch list!

Sleepy Hollow

The Headless Horseman Lives! In the new TV series called Sleepy Hollow on FOX, he is brought back to life, this time as a demon.

Tom Milson stars as Ichabod Crane who is resurrected  into the modern age by the good coven. He is the only man that can stop The Headless Horseman. Nicole Beharie plays Lt. Abbie Mills who helps him combat the evil Coven operating in Sleepy Hollow. Its a good take on good versus evil in the occult world.

If you are a fan of fantasy, the occult or these fabled characters, this is the show for you. The only downside for me is that it seems the show is trying too hard to be like Haven that airs on the SYFY channel. Which I am a huge fan of. Where's the downside you ask? Theres not much of a downside, I just cherish originality.

I would still recommend the show to anyone who likes the genre.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ghost Bait

Ghost Bait is the next in line in paranormal shows on TV. It's the typical paranormal group using the same equipment as everyone else trying to cleanse people's haunted locations. ParaCore is the next in line with a new technique to TV that has actually been around for a long time.

The gimmick to the show is using the clients as Ghost Bait by putting them in the most active place in the location and putting a bag over their head. The idea is to take away sight and increase the fear running through the subject hoping that it will increase the level of activity. 

While this is a concept many have been researching for a long time, Ghost Bait is trying to up the ante. Most paranormal investigators after awhile aren't as scared of the typical ghost haunting. So they decided to use the client, not another member as Bio's website claims. The issues with this are numerous. First, the client that is terrified that called ParaCore to investigate is now being thrown into the fray. So the homeowner has now become the pawn in ParaCores wannabe research. If a spirit does bring itself to manifest due to the client, the client is now directly in danger if the spirit is malevolent.

Most hardcore paranormal researchers will have a problem with this. Just having the location investigated can stir up more activity, let alone having the client used as bait. Please, Paranormal groups, DO NOT USE THE CLIENTS AS BAIT.  This is more than controversial as Bio says it's just controversial.

There is nothing scientific about this show, as they perpetuate the same myths everyone sees on TV. Can someone please be different? No more psychics on TV, please.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ghost MIne

With a overfilled and overbooked TV genre, Ghost Mine is somewhat of a breathe of fresh air. With everyone investigating the same locations with the same equipment, at least this show decided to do something a little different. 

As the name implies, mines are getting investigated instead of homes and businesses. If there are indeed spirits and ghosts, there's no better place than old mines where people died from accidents all the time. Places like California and Arizona would be perfect for a show like this.  

While there is paranormal investigations on the show, the show spends a lot of time giving the history of the mine and the surrounding area.  

Like Ghost Adventures the show does try to do experiments, although not really new its more than most groups try. 

For fans of the paranormal looking for something new, check this show out on SYFY

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stalked By a Ghost

Stalked By a Ghost a new series on the BIO channel. Stalked By a Ghost highlights the terrifying tales of people being haunted and attacked by spirits in their own homes. The stories in the first episode are everything a malevolent spirit should be, ranging from throwing items, to attacking people in their sleep. 

Finally after the tales, a psychic comes to help the victim by trying to get rid of the malevolent spirits, instead of a more legitimate course of action. 

Could it be that just the mere use of someones force against the spirit energy can cause the spirit to leave? Perhaps why the homeowner telling the spirit to leave sometimes works best.