Sunday, July 5, 2015

Precognitive dreaming: The gift of foresight

Precognition is knowledge of a future event or situation, especially by extrasensory means. People having these dreams would be dreaming of events yet to come to fruition, action for action, word for word. Sometimes these events will come to light in a few days, sometimes not for years at a time. Most of these dreams seem to be about normal, ordinary mundane topics, not the dramatic life changing events people may expect.

Some theories suggest that some of these precognitive dreams may just be the body and mind trying to subconsciously tell you something.  An example would be a woman dreaming she was pregnant before she eventually took a test to reveal the fact that she indeed was pregnant.  This case the woman’s body communicated to tell she was pregnant before any tests could confirm, or before she started to show.

Psychologists have been trying to determine whether precognitive dreaming exists or is a byproduct of the minds tendency to find patterns. Some suggest the mind will try to find “meaningful patterns in meaningless noise.” This explains why people see shapes in clouds and faces on Mars. Some also claim that some of these dreams have only been right by chance, not because the person saw it in a dream.

Parapsychologists argue that precognitive dreaming is much more than the body trying to communicate, or coincidence, this phenomena is real a version of clairvoyance. There are many claims of precognition where the dreamer could not have known any of the facts outside of the dream, and that there are too many claims for it to be just coincidence. There is a theory that these dreams may be a byproduct of unreleased psychokinesis by those who gifts go unused.
The fact is there is no explanation for precognitive dreaming, but research is ongoing by believers and nonbelievers alike. For those lucky enough to receive these visions, keep practicing, and keep dreaming.

Anyone have precognitive dreams; please feel free to leave your stories in the comments