Monday, March 30, 2015

Haunting: Australia...Review

Having known someone who resells Apparitions Technologies, I've been hearing about Haunting Australia for some time. While I know the equipment used in the show is good, unfortunately, I felt the Haunting Australia show to be average.

Haunting Australia takes place in well, you guessed it Australia. So far unlike most other paranormal television shows, Haunting Australia on SYFY is not solely based off of the use of equipment. Everything seems similar, doing the deed in the dark, and doing the usual asylums, etc.

Haunting Australia starts off well having a diverse group of investigators. Well, the problem with the researchers is most of it consists of mediums and an exorcist. Now, as far as paranormal television I am not a fan of using mediums. I watch to see if they collect evidence. When a medium says "I feel this" and "I feel that" there's no evidence to be seen. How does everyone know you're not faking it for the show? Hence, I become uninterested.

I did feel amazed at what they called paranormal evidence in the review. They dismissed the first image as matrixing, just to accept the second image as paranormal when it was also matrixing.

I honestly hope the first episodes of Haunting Australia are just a warm up, and the series gets better. Work out all the kinks now, otherwise, Haunting Australia may do what most paranormal televisions shows do and go the way of the Dodo bird.

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