Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aliens on the moon

News has come out recently about possible alien bases being found on the moon by astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
during the Apollo 11 voyage. Speculation has it their were mining facilities among some of these, and that the astronauts were warned not to return to the moon. Shortly after the program was scrapped due to lack of funding.

These images being shown on the internet as 'proof' of these facilities remind one of the blurry images on Mars thought to be pyramids and faces. The images are very blurry and it would be very easy to 'matrix' some of the objects in the photos as something they indeed may not be.

Everyone who is a conspiracy theorist has been salivating and foaming at the mouth for this event to happen. To further show or speculate that the government is communicating and covering up being in contact with extraterrestrials. But are they reaching? Of course they are. Obviously the government isn't going to come right out and admit to everyone that they've been lying for years, but people take whatever little tidbits of information that can be obtained and turn them into whatever fits the outcome they desire.

Are we saying aliens aren't real? Of course not. That would be even more ridiculous, but people need to stop and think before passing speculation off as true news.

Conspiracies take a lot of moving parts to make them work. Especially one of this magnitude would include many people, and if anything has been learned is that people like to talk. Would a secret like this have lasted so long? Maybe but doubtful. There have been people throughout history who even under threat of death have still come forward to reveal the truth.

Think about this, "usually the simplest answer is usually the correct one."